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Conveyor belt sushi chainKappa Sushi”Today, new menus such as“ meat sushi ”will appear one after another on Wednesday, December 4th! I got it one step ahead!

Kappa Sushi December Recommended Menu

This month's “Kappa Sushi” has a variety of seasonal items such as “Sushi Restaurant Meat”, “Lively Cold Cold Harami” and “Domestic Hirame”. We had a recommended menu one step ahead.

Meat of sushi restaurant

Beef king meat spree (3 ranch) 280 yen + tax

The kappa sushi is also very popular with meats such as “Beef Calbi Nigiri” and “Teriyaki Hamburg”. This time close up of such meat!

“Beef King's Meat Sanmai” is a luxurious dish where you can taste three types of meat sushi.

“Beef ribs” have a soft sauce and a sweet sauce, and the flavor is reminiscent of roasted meat. I love the boys of the world!

"Roast beef" is refined with thinly sliced ​​roast beef. The horse radish works with the tune and keeps you refreshing. Recently, roast beef bowls have become popular, and the combination with rice has become a staple. There was a special feeling and it was a bit of tension.

“Beef tongue roaring” has a crispy texture like beef tongue. The flavor of the lemon that I feel a little is also a salt of tongue, so it did not betray my expectations.

Hokkaido Yakumo Eurup shoulder roast ham onion Lemon dressing (2 pieces) 200 yen + tax

I often see beef sushi, but this is ham sushi that I don't see much.

The freshness of the citrus-based dressing is decisive for the fresh onion slices! This is the number one I recommend among the meat sushi I received this time! ♪ The smooth and smooth texture of raw ham and the moderate saltiness are exquisite, so be sure!

Now is the seasonal sushi

Hot potato cold yellowtail (1 run) 100 yen + tax

A translucent milky-white fillet, elegantly shining fat. This season's cold yellowtail is crunchy and has a seasonal taste with a light and refined fat.

Even though there is a sensation of melting once you put it in your mouth, the price is 100 yen per piece! Thank you!

Winter white meat (3 rounds) 280 yen + tax

“Kurosoi” topped with ponzu jelly and leeks is characterized by a crisp-like body. “Hirame” is a soft and white-flavored white fish, while the high-quality winter fish “Kaname-an” has a firm taste and taste.

It was an irresistible dish for white lovers, who could enjoy the taste of the three fish at once.

Sea urchin (2 piers) 280 yen + tax

While the orange color is vivid, the warship “uni” does not melt in the muddy, but there is a presence that feels like “I am a sea urchin!”. The scent of strawberry spreads out in plenty.

Kokugoku Iku (2 pass) 280 yen + tax

The warship, which says that it is extremely fresh, is called “Sengoku” and uses only the highest rank “3”. When eaten, it has the resilience to play a little, and you can enjoy the richness and richness.

* Ikugo Ikura will be available from December 26th (Thursday).

December Kappa Sushi where meat and seasonal fresh fish meet together. Please find one favorite dish.

Official site:Kappa Sushi | Conveyor Belt Sushi

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