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Glico "ice fruit"Adult milk chocolateAppeared!い た だ き I had you one step ahead!

Ice fruit “ adult milk chocolate '' precedence review!

The ice fruit "Adult's Milk Chocolat", which will be released today on March 9 (Monday), has arrived at the editorial department one step earlier.

Appeared as the second installment of “ Adult Chocolat '' that appeared in September 2019Adult milk chocolate". A rich and mouth-watering frozen chocolate made with milk chocolate and Hokkaido-produced cream. I tried it right away!

When I put it out of the bag and put it on the plate, a lot of round ice cream came out. Already, it has a good smell of chocolate.

When eaten, the outer coating melts quickly and the flavor of the milk chocolate spreads throughout the mouth. Milk feeling is very strong. However, it is not too sweet and the back mouth is smooth, so you can eat it.

By the way, if you are a real fan of ice, you may know that if you open the package from the right side, you can put out just one grain at a time. If you don't eat everything or want to eat while working at the desk, it's recommended to open from this side!

As a little arrangement, ice cream with lots of milkAdult milk chocolate]You can easily make a chocolate milk shake by putting it in milk.

Before melting, on the way, after melting, the texture and taste also change, so please try it ♪

Ice Fruit "Adult's Milk Chocolat" will be available from March 9 (Monday) today. Please look for it at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Product Name: Ice Fruit
Suggested retail price: 180 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: Monday, March 9, 2020
Official site:Fruit of ice | Ezaki Glico

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