Released tomorrow! The new blue "ZONe DEEP DIVE" has a "white" taste and is very easy to drink! Pre-tasting review

It will be released on Tuesday, September 8thSuper immersive energy link "ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver 1.0.0"I got a foot ahead. It is an energy drink that has a white taste and is easy to drink♪

ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver1.0.0 released on September 8th (Tue)

Tomorrow September 8th, 2020 (Tuesday) new "ZONe" "ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver1.0.0Is nationwideconvenience storeWill be sold at.

The word "DEEP DIVE" implies the meaning of "deep thinking" and "concentration" in the "immersive" state. The blue gradation that looks deep inside the sea is cool!

Then, I'd like to drink it immediately!

I tried to drink the blue "ZONe"!

Same as before, it will appear in a 500 ml canZONe DEEP DIVE Ver1.0.0]. I am glad that it has a large capacity among the energy drinks that are often 200 ml and 330 ml.

However, the caffeine content is of concern.

The new "ZONe" this time contains 75mg of caffeine in a 500ml can, just like the conventional "ZONe".

Compared to other energy drinks, "ZONe" has a large capacity, but the amount of caffeine contained in one is lower than the other. It's more like a long-time work that keeps you drinking while you're working, rather than being effective all at once.

AppBank.net editorial department investigation

Blue "ZONe" has a "white" taste

Well, the taste is…white!

I used to drink it when I was a kid, and it's so white that I really miss it (laughs). I wonder if this taste is unusual for energy drinks.

The taste like a lactic acid bacterium drink was sweet, refreshing and very easy to drink.

New work "ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver1.0.0Will be on sale from September 8th (Tuesday), 2020 at convenience stores throughout Japan. When you want to concentrate, or when you want to do your best, by all means ♪

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