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Relieve the stress of summer with Coffre d'Or's cool cool groundwork "Coffre d'Or ice primer"

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You don't have to worry about makeup in summer, such as sticky sweat, shining, stuffiness caused by wearing a mask, and heat retention. So I would like to recommend Coffret d'Or's new makeup base."Coffret Doll Ice Primer".. The moment you put it on your skin, it feels cool, and even if it's hot, it will make you feel more comfortable. This time, I tried to verify the usability and coverage that I was interested in quickly.

This one for sticky skin in summer! From Coffret d'Or, a cool cool groundwork that is perfect for summer is now available!

Kanebo cosmetics"Coffret doll" developed by is "Be playful-many skin*Based on the concept of "…", a total makeup brand that produces many base makeup items focused on creating the ideal skin to make the most of point makeup. * Manipulating the skin impression by the makeup effect

"Coffret Doll Ice Primer" product package

New this summer"Coffret Doll Ice Primer" (1 type, 25g, price excluding tax 1,300 yen / editorial department research, released May 1, 2020)Is a minus cold sensation that covers pores with a cool feeling and leads to a smooth finish on your skin.*Groundwork. * Feel when applied

Product package of "Coffret Doll Ice Primer"

The secret of the cool sensation that is worrisome is "heat of vaporization". The "heat of vaporization" that occurs when sprayed onto a sponge lowers the temperature, causing the water to change into ice, making it feel cool when you put it on your skin.

The "airy cover powder", which is blended into the base even after it is placed on the skin, allows other pigments to slip gently and evenly cover the uneven skin color.

"Coffret d'or ice primer" package surface up

Not only as a base, but also on the foundation to enhance makeup lasting, to use as a make-up, and various uses.

Bottle of "Coffret Doll Ice Primer"

The cool size is perfect for hot summers, so it's a small size that can be used up in a single summer.

Spray part of "Coffre d'Or ice primer"

A spray type, which is rare as a makeup base. As it is sprayed onto a sponge and used, you can feel a cool sensation anytime, anywhere.

Bottle and sponge of "Coffret Doll Ice Primer"

A special sponge is also included.

Holding the "Coffret d'Or Ice Primer" sponge with both hands

The special sponge has a soft and fluffy texture that is safe even for sensitive skin. It's thick and sturdy so you can use it without saying summer!

Coffret d'or ice primer sponge and case

It also comes with a case so you can fix it on the go. In summer, it's easy to lose makeup more than usual due to sweat and shine, so I'm happy with this ease!

Goodbye to the stickiness of summer in a single blow! I tried using a cool cool groundwork

Let's use it now!

Shaking a bottle of "Coffret Doll Ice Primer"

Shake the bottle well before use …

Spraying "Coffret Doll Ice Primer" on a sponge

The trick is to use the sponge in a vertical position with a distance of about 2 cm. Be careful not to stain your clothes as they will be sprayed vigorously.

Sponge on the back of hand with "Coffre d'Or ice primer"

The moment you put it on your skin, the delicate ice particles will melt and it will be cool! If you use a sponge to gently blend only in the right half …

"Coffret doll ice primer" spread on the back of the hand

The entire skin was evenly covered, resulting in a smooth skin. Let's apply it to the face immediately to find out how much coverage the stains and dullness have.

Spreading "Coffret doll ice primer" with a sponge

When you gently and gently extend it from the inside to the outside of the face, the cool powder will spread and spread. It has a fresh texture, so it grows very well.

Be careful of the T-zone, which includes the nose where the pores are noticeable.

A profile of the "Coffret doll ice primer"

In no time, the smooth skin like Mukita egg is completed. The coverage of stains and dullness is a fairly natural finish with "Is it slightly less noticeable ??"

Face up with "Coffret doll ice primer"

It is a natural finish without a thick coating, so it is perfect for natural makeup. If you apply foundations with high covering power from the top, you can make makeup that is suitable for office scenes.

When you have finished using it, put it in the pouch. I only need this one makeup make-up fande, so I'm happy to carry less luggage.

When using it as a make-up, the point is to put off the tissue and sweat on the entire face before putting it on with a pompon.

Let's confront the sweltering heat! Coffret doll's summer base is on sale at the online shop

I felt that "Coffret d'Or Ice Primer" was a cool item when I put it on my skin, and I felt that I wanted to choose it without hesitation as a base makeup for summer. While I was painting the groundwork, I felt that my pores were tightening tightly, and I felt that the shinyness was suppressed more than usual.

The price is reasonable and it's a small size that can be used up in the summer, so if you're worried about summer base makeup, try it out.

Woman with "Coffre d'Or Ice Primer" next to her face

You can purchase products from stores selling Coffret d'Or nationwide or some EC sites. In preparation for the sweltering heat, why not renew your makeup base to summer specifications?

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