Remote drama broadcast by Kohei Matsushita & Nanami Sakuraba for the first time

NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station [Chuo-ku, Osaka City] on the 29th at 2 o'clock midnight on the remote drama "Home Not Alone" that Kohei Matsushita [33] and Nanami Sakuraba [27] who appeared in "Scarlet" challenged for the first time. Announced to broadcast nationwide from 5 minutes, Matsushita and Sakuraba commented.

A story that two people who have refrained from going out under the influence of the new coronavirus meet remotely and shorten the distance online. A 2-minute short drama that was recorded completely remotely. From the 18th, it was broadcast in Kansai Local for 6 consecutive nights, and on the 23rd, a 10-minute version of 5 episodes was also broadcast. The 10-minute version will be broadcast on midnight on the 30th.

Kumiko Tanaka [Sakuraba], who was locked up in a room while the door of an apartment where she lived alone was broken while she was working at home, mistakenly made a videophone call to the home of a stranger izakaya [Matsushita].

Sakuraba explained, “ I think that everyone who stayed at home during this self-restraint thought that there was a part that I sympathize with Kumiko who I played and Mr. Tsunebayashi who played Matsushita. It was very good that I was able to represent my feelings and convey them to the world. "

For National Broadcasting "I hope that all the viewers all over the country will be energized by watching this drama. I hope that the atmosphere and camera angle unique to remote drama will be enjoyed as a" new drama. " Commented.

Matsushita, on the other hand, said, “When I faced with a person named Tsunebayashi for a few days, I realized once again that it is important in life that it is easy to become negative, but to become positive. At the same time, how precious a normal life is I wondered if it's a thing, so I will continue to live my life carefully. ”

"The 10-minute short drama is a warm work that is filled with each day's everyday encounters, so please take a look. And everyone in the country, please look forward to Sakuraba-san's fashion show."

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