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Remotely control home appliances from smartphones and PCs. Surco cloud-based smart remote control-Engadget Japan

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Is there such a scene?

In the house

  • There are too many remote controls and the desk is messed up …

  • Oh, where did the remote control you used before go? ? ?

  • It's troublesome to go to the electricity switch every time I go to bed.

On the go

  • Did you turn off the air conditioner at home …

  • I forgot to record that program, I was looking forward to it …

  • Want to control room temperature on the go for pets at home

The cloud-based smart remote control “surco” solves all such needs that everyone has once experienced! !

Realizing a smart home without replacing existing home appliances

"Surco" is the latest smart remote control that applies cloud computing technology[Circo, Powered by AIFA].

The company has developed AIFA Technology, a major Taiwanese remote control maker that has been manufacturing remote controls for Japanese home appliance manufacturers for more than 20 years.AIFA has achieved a 30% share in the ODM market for universal remote controls used in Japan, and has sold over millions of remote controls in Japan to date..

This time, it is AIFA's greatest strength,A huge database of infrared remote controllers specializing in the Japanese marketWe have developed a smart remote control that combines the latest technology with a stylish design that fits the times. With "surco", you can upgrade infrared home appliances in your home to smart home appliances.

All infrared home appliances are in "surco".

* Please refer to "Supported Major Manufacturers" for the models of home appliances supported by "surco".

This is different from other smart remotes! !

Smartphone operation of home appliances that has increased recently. There are many types of smart remote control, but the functions are almost the same, all seem to be very different,
I will tell you the unique charm of "surco"! !

Easy operation of all home appliances from the ceiling to the floor with one smartphone

"Surco" operates TV, light, air conditioner, DVD player, speaker, robot vacuum, fan, set-top box, and air cleaner at the same time! [The air purifier is added with the learning function of the remote control, and other home appliances can be selected from presets.]

Added 8 types of home appliances preset in the dedicated application to 3 types that can be set by yourselfA total of 11 home appliances can be registered at once.

Simple and easy-to-use operation screen

The operation screen of the “surco” dedicated application is very simple. Home appliances registered in advance in the app are equipped with all necessary buttons and functions for operation.

Automatic operation of home appliances with schedule function

If you use the schedule function, "surco" will automatically operate your home appliance according to the preset date and time.

The reservation screen is very simple. Another feature of surco is that you can operate home appliances according to your favorite scenes with detailed settings such as day, date, and time.

More than 1 million compatible home appliances!

"Surco" uses all the information and more than 5000 remote control codes that AIFA has sold around the world for millions of remote controls,A total of over 1 million infrared home appliances have been accessed!

This makes it super easy to register remote controls that have been troublesome.

If you want to register a remote control, just search for the manufacturer of the home appliance operated by the app and select the corresponding remote control code.

Also supports the latest home appliances

New home appliances such as dyson and roomba have few substitute remote controls, so if they are broken or lost, they often have to buy expensive genuine products. However, since "surco" also supports the remote control of these latest home appliances, you can operate these two home appliances anytime and anywhere with one smartphone.

Powerful infrared sensor covers home appliances anywhere in the room

“Surco” is a weak point of the conventional infrared communication."Farther", "wider"by doing,A 10-meter radius, 360-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical cover has been realized.

This allows remote control of home appliances from a small bedroom to a large living room "as is" without worrying about the size of the room or the location of the home appliances.

* Since the communication from the "surco" main unit to home appliances uses infrared rays, it does not support the operation of home appliances in a room across a wall, like a normal remote control. Since the communication from the smartphone to "surco" uses a network by WiFi or cloud, "surco" can be remotely controlled even when away from home.

Remotely control home appliances from outside

"Surco" uses a cloud system dedicated to smart remote control, so you can operate home appliances not only indoors but also on the go.

Connect to AlexaGoogle Home to control home appliances with voice

"Surco" works with smart speakers such as Alexa and Google home, so you can operate household appliances with only voice without using smartphone!

You can freely control the whole house just by speaking. "Surco" realizes the near-future life seen in such science fiction movies.

* Voice control is available not only from smart speakers but also from the smartphone apps Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You can control your home appliances from your browser!

"Surco" is controlled from iOS and Android applications, but by registering for, you can also operate home appliances from an Internet browser.

Use surco with the whole family

One surco can connect to up to 10 smartphones at the same time, so the whole family can operate home appliances with their smartphones.

"Casual" design that blends into living space

The appeal of "surco" is its stylish design that sets it apart from the rest.

While many smart remotes have a cylindrical, curved design, "surco" dares to adopt a linear, inorganic design. The simple and compact design eliminates any useless buttons and decorations and fits anywhere in your home.

Compact design that can be placed on a table or on a wall

It can be placed on the desk as it is, or on a wall using the attached dedicated board.

Not bound by time and place. Comfortable and smart life realized by "surco"

▼ 03:00 The air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature at the time set in advance by the schedule function. Comfortable room temperature will produce your comfortable awakening.

▼ 11:00 Automatically adjusts room temperature from the office for hot pets when it gets hot

▼ 15:30 The rain that had just stopped raining has stopped, so I switched on the air cleaner and dehumidifier in my house.

▼ 17:00 At the same time every day, the robot vacuum will automatically start and clean your room.

▼ 18:30 Leave work. The air conditioner was attached before returning home, so the room is cool and comfortable from the moment you return.

Remote control registration in just two steps!

Registering a remote when using surco is very easy in just two steps.

Step ① Connect “surco” to your home WiFi

Step 検 索 Search for the remote control code with the manufacturer of the home appliance you want to connect and connect

With this alone, you can immediately operate your favorite home appliances with your smartphone!

* The app is compatible with both iOS and Android

No annoying initial setup required.

Until now, many smart remotes required registration of email addresses and personal information. In addition, it was very troublesome to use a lot of troublesome settings such as coordination settings with home appliances. However, "surco" does not require address registration or complicated initial settings *. We have been making remote controls for 26 years, and using the vast amount of remote control data we have accumulated for our applications, it is very easy to register remote controls.

* Except when using, Alexa, or Google Home

Goodbye to remote control.

し ょ う Get a comfortable life with a smart home!

Many people in Taiwan who have actually used surco have received acclaim!

Equipment supported by standard

The eight main types of home appliances [TVs, lights, air conditioners, DVD players, speakers, robot vacuums, electric fans, and set-top boxes] are supported by major Japanese manufacturers and household appliances manufacturers around the world.

Since there is also a learning function, products that are not on the list or have no code registered [air purifiers] can be controlled by manual setting.

* Some functions may not be assigned to the remote control buttons. It does not guarantee that you can control all commercially available infrared remote control compatible appliances.

Supported major manufacturers

Product Specifications

Product content


New brand “ simple cocoon '' handled by a major remote control manufacturer that has supported the Japanese home appliance industry

"Simple cocoon" is a brand by a major remote control company "AIFA Technology" which has been making remote controls all over the world for 26 years. "AIFA Technology" has a particularly strong connection with Japanese home appliance manufacturers, and has been designing and producing remote controls for Japanese manufacturers for more than 20 years. This new brand “ simple cocoon '' is based on AIFA technology that has supported Japanese home appliances for many years and accumulated data, and many people are using existing home appliances while using IoT We have started to develop a smart remote control "surco" that allows you to experience a futuristic life.

"Warm" for your life. Up-and-coming design company Unipapa

unipapa is a design company founded by up-and-coming designers. Many products have been given a human-like "warmth" by applying their own designs to daily necessities, which have often been made of inorganic and slashed designs.

Many of the products Unipapa has been working on have won high praise from Japan.

This time, simple cocoon and Unipapa jointly developed the product. By combining the remote control resources that simple cocoon has accumulated over 26 years with Unipapa's innovative and warm design, an unprecedented smart remote control “surco home appliance cloud remote control” was born.

▼ surco has already obtained many patent certificates.

To everyone

At present, IoT is progressing around the world, and the era has come where all things are connected to the Internet. The home appliances that are indispensable to everyone's life have evolved every day, and recently, new home appliances called smart home appliances that can be remotely controlled with smartphones have begun to appear. However, just because such convenient home appliances have come out, not many people can immediately replace the home appliances they have been using. Home appliances, which are said to have a replacement life of 5 to 10 years, have a long service life and a high price, so it is unlikely that many home appliances will be replaced in a short period of time.

Simple cocoon has been developing and designing remote controllers around the world for the past 26 years and utilizing its own experience in producing universal remote controllers to overcome this situation. We have been researching and developing remote controls that allow users to experience the convenience of IoT while using old home appliances. We hope that everyone will experience a comfortable and near-future life that can be changed by "surco".

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