Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi 3 company Union, the integration of the new way the next generation car technology in a new company

Cars・automatic operation・electric, such as modern car manufacturers,new business models to determine the most transformative phase. It is,and the Internet Society of automotive nature is radically changing, including innovation of.

【Here】Toyota and DENSO, a joint venture in the semiconductor advanced development of research establishment of new company

Therefore the development costs to put into the funds for 1000 million manufacturers to produce even 1 company to cover this program might not have. It is GAFAM [Google・Amazon・Facebook・Apple・Microsoft] It is said that the IT industry of the companies,the user interface part of the Big Data, holding, carrying-as-a-service business model to build to seize the initiative, it seems that, against competition they just.

This it can be absorbed into the system. Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi of 3 companies within the Alliance, Even if not real, Of course. It’s a Nissan and Carlos Ghosn is the former Chairman of the downfall with the New out this and Nissan the absorption of death to Renault and posturing followed. It was in the”Nissan Intelligent factory”concept, a next-generation vehicle technology development for new company initiative.

“The Nissan Intelligent factory”is an essential concept, but it is at the same time Renault Nissan absorption of scenario you. 3 companies Alliance to the 1 companies that integrate movement with the same and look better,move them back is not possible and so it.

Can Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of the downfall of figure the,Nissan of securing independence attempts then what is the matter with it? Nissan internal power balance will change,Renault also took the initiative, but it is not. Also, the shadow of the protagonist in the Japanese government as the way of the draw,Japanese company Nissan views the Japanese public as a don’t just.

Cutting-edge R & D Department, integrating the Production System 3 Inc. to organize and technically 1 company and you have to survive as long as hard. And immediate business results. if this is obvious,”new products”is indispensable.

However, its efficiency to where it’s up to you,Nissan is a French company,”Japan’s employment”have been lost more likely. Honda’s 4-wheel division is dying in the state of,in the same direction only, from the Nissan・Honda・Mitsubishi combination is also logical to you may. However, Renault is desperate to avoid that.

The “unstoppable”movement and by. Loose Toyota and coordination you get from. Leave the dream and such. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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