Renault Kangoo Kruul inspired by French countryside

A limited edition of the Renault Kangoo Kruul with a body color limited to the refreshing green color of the Champet Bouquet, a bouquet style inspired by the French countryside.

Renault Kangoo has been popular in Europe because of its large interior space and high functionality, called LUDOSPACE. Renault Kangoo has a lot of ingenuity, such as playful designs scattered everywhere, functional and easy-to-use utilities, spacious and high open interior spaces, and large luggage spaces. .

In France, there is a bouquet style called "Champeteur Bouquet", which features abundant use of herbs and greens, features a natural outfit that is picked from the meadow, and a refreshing aroma.

Champetre is a French word that means country style or country style, while Champet Bouquet is a natural beauty inspired by the French countryside. The Kangoo Kruul reminds us of the refreshing greens of this Champetre Bouquet as spring comes.

The Renault Kangoo Kruul has a special body color, a body-colored front grille blade, a black front bumper, a black rear bumper, and a black door mirror.

Applications for reservations will be accepted for a certain period from February 6, and if the number of applications exceeds the number sold, lottery sales will be made.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price ¥ 2,647,000 yen

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