Renault pinch,Nissan shares sell for? Nissan”with our shares”to bring the chance

Bloomberg reports according toRenault is funds tight in the Nissan shares, the sale may be,Shares of Citigroup analyst Angus・tween Dee and Mr. The Analysis announced. The French car manufacturer, Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors・an Alliance including Renault,funds tight in the stock cheap have fallen into. Keep it up, you’re far from the first of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. stock to let go I must not say so.

【Here】【Cost cutter Carlos Ghosn(7)】Renault(the French government)and of the hostile seemed to be assumed by

This is Japan’s chance to usher in and say that. You’ve given us the opportunity to, now that Nissan is owned by Renault shares 15%in addition to 10%just to buy more if Japan’s laws”with our shares”and all other voting rights shall not be used. And Renault Nissan to control will disappear, virtually Renault and Nissan are comparable to each other, arrangements for RAMA to amend the Can seems.

That is, Nissan has a separate can and. But note, Nissan shares underwriting ahead of the Chinese companies embark on this high probability is considered, proactive approach to the Japanese side from Renault, Fund this is vital.

Also, this captured Renault and agreement to discard,Nissan and Mitsubishi new partnership with destination ask for? Or, on the contrary from Nissan Renault financial assistance as under the rule for that? Judgment of information available. However, Renault is the French government’s shares, and Nissan and Renault itself unattractive to the presence of lead.

Think the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet as is, Honda and mergers. However, Honda is also in the margin to the distressed, and merger partner, as attractive. Considered the best choice as a Toyota Group entered the modest building a cooperative relationship only. Recent Toyota stock, in the dominance of only,Mazda and Subaru worked with.

Nissan, Renault, away from HVS and EVS, Autonomous driving is comparable relationships between Toyota and agreements with some, but the road is open to that. It is to be realized, the 2000 million production capacity with a huge group and I, all of Japan Automobile Union in the coming GAFA and competition can prepare for likely to.

Change fiscal year as the ending of the China market and the whereabouts of such circumstances,Japan Association is probably the most realistic would be.

Under the surface the movement of the intense that would be,Renault’s woes in Japan, the chances of making that. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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