Renewable energy generation, solar is shrinking wind and hydro expansion

Renewable energy generation is 2000s at an average annual rate of 5%, and the gradual expansion of United States FIT(feed-in tariff)was introduced 13 years later from planning to the lead time of the short PV is on average 30%of expanding rapidly when turned on. Oversupply concerns for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry is the sunlight of the purchase price of staged reductions and bid to expand,easy to enter made the operators of bankruptcies surge to the situation and this this out that.

7 in late October, the marketing industry’s Fuji economic renewable energy generation system of the domestic market, investigate,and disclose the results to the public. Solar shakeout has progressed and is still on the renewable energy power system of the entire 8 percent and accounted for. Report 18 fiscal market size of 1 trillion 7195 billion and is estimated,Year 4. A 1% increase and solar costs decline and proceed to grid parity(existing power equivalent to or cheaper)it is predicted that,25 years before the FIT application is not self-consumption for the purpose of introduction has become mainstream in the future the shrinking trend of the inverted models.

Sunlight other than 18 year of market size is the total 3296 billion expected. Wind power is the 18th year in the land of the large and small power generation systems performed strongly, the market is 1000 billion to the imminent. 25 year time, in the land of large business plans certified as projects market and a small wind power system 20kW or more of the FIT indicator to be integrated in the 19 subsequent years on the decline,the late 20s and offshore wind power expansion, and the report predicts.

Hydro is a manufacturer of supply to keep pace with either the market is shrinking trend, the 18th year of the same in the previous year, cracking is expected only. 20 planned for fiscal separation of electric power generation and distribution along with the existing operators of the aggressive link power ring and the field advanced to the prospect, the 20 year since this is the market when it seen.

Biomass power generation is the amended FIT law to respond to and loaded certified opportunities for ex post regulation such as receiving stagnant over the medium-to long-term, the market is shrinking and seen. Geothermal power generation is as of now the share is small, but the government’s geothermal development to promote the adoption of measures by the market expansion is expected.

30 year is currently the largest share of sunlight 4678 billion yen reduction, on the other hand, the sunlight except 5843 billion expansion,hydro, geothermal development, introduction and time required for,the wind power is solar except in the largest share is expected. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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