Renovation, ready to work on second-hand homes in Japan with a supremacy in new construction-taking on all the renovations

In the Japanese housing market, which is considered to be the supremacy of new construction, it is renovated to welcome new residents to over 2800 second-hand houses. Review the floor plans that are no longer suitable for the current lifestyle and renovate to the latest equipment. We undertake everything related to renovation, from property search to design, design, construction, furniture, smart home proposals, and mortgages. Nine years since its establishment in 2010, Renobe, who has been focusing on second-hand condominiums and has increased sales and construction through custom-made renovation, will change the future housing market, to representative director Tomohiro Yamashita heard.

Mr. Tomohiro Yamashita, Representative Director

Mr. Tomohiro Yamashita, Representative Director

Risk hedging with reference to Amazon, which has no property

――Nine years have passed since the establishment of the word “renovation”. Are there any parts where the surrounding environment has changed?

The word “renovation” was recognized. However, I still don't know if it is correct. The difference from renovation is vague, and that part will continue to appeal firmly.

However, it is true that new companies such as Renovation have become easier to work in the housing and real estate industries due to the spread of recognition. Building a home or buying a home is inevitably biased by major homemakers, but the enhancement of websites and marketing has allowed many people to know how to renovate without incurring significant costs. The I feel that business has become easier in those areas.

-With the spread of renovation, the number of competing companies has increased.

There is a decisive difference between renovating and the many companies that do renovation. That is not owning the property. Many renovation companies use a system called purchase resale that purchases, renovates, and sells properties. Renovation is a platform service that matches used properties with people who want to purchase them.

Purchasing and renovating an entire condominium building gives you a high degree of freedom and allows you to capitalize on condominiums with an eye on future repair plans. However, the risk increases as you own the property at hand.

”We will not change the position of the platformer in order to manage the business with such risks. I used to work for a general contractor. Many of the developers were acquainted, and at that time mobile phones were registered with phone numbers not lower than 500. However, an increasing number of people are unable to contact the Lehman Shock.

This industry is easily influenced by the economy. I wanted to make it a company that could withstand such a downturn. Having a lot of properties is also risky. In order not to be swallowed by such waves, we will continue to maintain a style without properties.

–You are putting the risk first.

This business model is based on Amazon. The beginning of Amazon is a mail order of books. Why did you choose a book? This is because inventory risk is low. I wanted to extend that idea to the real estate domain.

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