Rent a mobile battery at the station or restaurant, free within 30 minutes

PowerNow of China announced on January 22 that it will launch a mobile battery rental service "PowerNow" in Japan in earnest. It can be borrowed from rental machines [rental points] installed at stations and shopping malls, and can be used free of charge within 30 minutes. If you borrow more than 5 days in a row, it will be purchased at 3,000 yen and you will not need to return it.

  • PowerNow in China will launch the mobile battery rental service "PowerNow" in Japan. Instead of renting, you can purchase it for 3,000 yen as it is

PowerNow is a service that allows you to rent a mobile battery at rental points set up in various places. The company has been conducting test operations since 2019, but will begin full-scale service, and will increase rental points to 20,000 locations nationwide by August 2020. Rental requires installation of smartphone app.

  • Such rental points are set up at stations, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

  • Using the dedicated app, you can check nearby rental points and apply for use

The mobile battery to be rented is equipped with three types of cables: Lightning, mircoUSB, and USB Type-C. It can be used to charge not only smartphones but also tablets and game consoles. In the event of a disaster or emergency, the battery will be released free of charge.

  • Mobile battery that can be rented. Built-in cable allows for quick charging

The charge is free within 30 minutes. Thereafter, 100 yen / hour [excluding tax] from 30 minutes to 6 hours, and up to 600 yen / day up to 120 hours. If it exceeds 120 hours, it will be purchased at 3,000 yen [tax included] and you will not need to return it.

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