Repeat inevitable sweet and spicy! Lawson "Ginger and DAIZU MEAT Soboro no Onigiri" will definitely be a Toriko ♪ | AppBank

The word “beans are the meat of the field” has been used for a long time, but this summer,LawsonReleased a rice ball made from soybeans called "rice with mochi, ginger and DAIZU MEAT soboro onigiri". We will review real rice balls that are not only healthy but also excellent in taste and will definitely repeat!

Is the soy meat healthy rice ball, the "devil's rice ball" coming back?

Soy meat is a health food that has become a hot topic these days. It is low calorie, low fat, rich in protein and dietary fiber, and has zero cholesterol. This time, Lawson will release a new rice ball using soy meat, so I bought it immediately.

The brownish appearance may be a soy sauce-based taste, but Lawson produced the rumored "devil's rice ball" that "I will be addicted and eat many"convenience store.. I'm sure it's not just soy sauce rice balls. While opening up with rising expectations, let's open! ‥

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