Report of complete cure for sudden deafness

Kenji Tamura, a comedian who was diagnosed with "severe sudden deafness" and was treated, reported "Kanji".

Tamura updated Instagram on the 23rd. "I'm glad to hear this! I received a medical report of sudden deafness from this morning, and my teacher gave me the words" Kanji "." "It's thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers who healed so quickly. Thank you very much-I wouldn't have used to go to the hospital if I didn't have your words. "If you have the same symptoms as me, please go to the hospital immediately and seriously. The sooner you go, the better!"

Tamura complained of a problem with his left ear and visited the hospital on the 28th of last month. “He was diagnosed with severe sudden deafness. Is impossible, so I'll get some treatment for it, "she said on Instagram.

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