Report that IPv4 address equivalent to about 5 billion yen is diverted from Africa

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Report that IPv4 address equivalent to about 5 billion yen is diverted from Africa

By garloon

Almost 4 billion IPv4 addresses have already been allocated as of 2019,North AmericaAndEuropeThe situation is so scarce that it is reported to have been used up. According to a study by Ron Gilmet, a freelance researcher based in California, an IP address block reserved for an African-based company was acquired by a non-existent company or another company It became clear that it was in the hands of companies based in other continents through companies.

The Great $ 50M African IP Address Heist — Krebs on Security

At the time of writing, IPv4 addresses are traded between $ 15 (about 1600 yen) and $ 25 (about 2700 yen) in the open market, and the market value of IP addresses diverted from Africa is $ 50 million (about Mr. Gilmet estimates that it will exceed ¥ 5.4 billion.

Gilmet worked with a journalist based in South Africa,AFRINICI found an IP address that seems to have been sold by. It was also revealed that the IP address associated with a private company named “ipv4leasing” registered with AFRINIC may have been misused by spammers and fraudsters. ipv4leasing was registered in 2013 by Ernest Byarhanga, an AFRINIC employee, and had two associated domains, and is linked to at least six large IP address blocks, and these IP addresses were used in Cameroon. Many similar cases have been discovered besides ipv4leasing.

By stevanovicigor

Mr. Gilmet asked Mr. Byarhanga for comment, but Mr. Byarhanga did not respond. However, a technical news site in South Africa that supported Mr. GilmetMybroadbandBy reporter Jan VermeulenDrifting IP addresses in AfricaIn October 2019, after being reported, Bjarhanga suddenly resigned from AFRINIC. "We are investigating this issue," said AFRINIC CEO Eddie Kaifira.

A non-profit research institution that understands and supports Internet traffic technology,PCHBill Woodcock, the head of the company, said, “There have been many cases where employees managing local Internet registries have been arrested for selling IP addresses without authorization. “The crimes have been going on for the longest time that has ever been filed, and in most cases the crime is a one-off or short-term until arrest or dismissal.”

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