Report that the impact of the “ Year 2000 problem '' 20 years ago has occurred in various places over time


Report that the impact of the “ Year 2000 problem '' 20 years ago has occurred in various places over time

by jeffjacobs1990

During the New Year's Day from 1999 to 2000, there was concern that old computers would recognize the year as "00" and malfunction. In fact, there wasn't much confusion over the year, but at the time many coders had only postponed the problem in fixing and there were reports that the effects were starting to appear in 2020 .

A lazy fix 20 years ago means the Y2K bug is taking down computers now | New Scientist

The 2000 problem was that people who were involved in software and computer work at the time were in danger of fear, Microsoft also brought in a semi-trailer packed with generators, and many employees went to work at the company.

What happened inside Microsoft at the end of 1999 when the year 2000 problem was worried? -GIGAZINE

Fortunately, the year 2000 came without major confusion, but the effects of the year 2000 problem appear in 2020 after 20 years.

In the first place, the Year 2000 problem stems from the fact that older computers stored the last two digits of the year. For example, a computer would represent 1998 as "98", but in 2000 it would have been feared that it would be mistakenly recognized as 1900 when it became "00".

by bialasiewicz

To avoid this year 2000 problem, programmers had two options. One is to completely rewrite the code, and the other is "Windowing(Windowing process) ".

Windowing treats all numbers from 00 to 20 as those of the 2000s.At that time, 80% or more computers were "inexpensive and quick" and this windowing was selected.Guessed. However, this method has been criticized as "just putting the issue off."

Many computers display time as formal elapsed seconds since January 1, 1970UNIX timeIs adopted. UNIX time is used by operating systems in various industries. Many windowers chose "1920 to 2020" as their standard timeframe (window) in Windowing, with 1970 as the waypoint. At the time, by 2020 these window systems were considered to be outdated, so the problem was put off.

Vodafone"Obviously, people at the time believed that their systems would be out of use by 2020. Many people in the 60's thought their own I didn't expect the code to be used until 2000. "

The system using Windowing will roll back in 1920 by reaching the end of the window in 2020. Actually, power company bills were created in 1920, and card transactions were not allowed due to incorrect dates. Software that looks for computer system errorsSplunkIronically, a 2020 bug was discovered in November 2019.

by choreograph

It is unknown how long the effects of the 2020 bug will continue, as the company has not disclosed details, but it is possible that a similar defect could occur again if the fix is ​​postponed again. That is.

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