Reported that production of iPhone 11 Pro was cut by 25%, the reason is the next-generation 5G-compatible iPhone


Reported that production of iPhone 11 Pro was cut by 25%, the reason is the next-generation 5G-compatible iPhone

In 2020IPhone compatible with 5GHowever, it is reported that the production of the iPhone 11 Pro, the latest model in 2019, will be cut by 25% due to the general consumer's expectation of a 5G compatible iPhone .

Analyst: Apple cutting iPhone 11 Pro production by 25%, consumers focused on 5G iPhone 12 lineup-9to5Mac

There are various rumors about iPhone released in 2020, such as iPhone SE 2 that will be the successor model of iPhone SE and …

A famous analyst claims that “ iPhone SE 2 '' will finally appear in 2020-gigazine

The first iPhone5G"It is reported that a corresponding model may appear.

A famous analyst predicts that iPhone 5G support will change in 2020 & display size-GIGAZINE

In addition, according to the latest report, there is a prediction by a prominent analyst that iPhone in 2020 will be expanded to 4 models of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches (2 models) and 6.7 inches, plus iPhone SE 2.

The possibility that the iPhone of 2021 will evolve to a complete wireless terminal without any ports-gigazine

Meanwhile, Jun Chan, RosenblattSecurities analyst, released information on iPhone production plans. According to him, Apple plans to cut the production of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max by up to 25% from the initial schedule in the quarter from December 2019 to March 2020. As a result, the production of the iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max, the 2019 model iPhone, is expected to decrease by 60% compared to the previous quarter. Chan explains why the production of iPhone 11 Pro will be significantly lower than originally planned, because consumers are less interested in 4G smartphones.

Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Habati refutes Chang's report. Mr. Habati is convinced that the iPhone 11 series is still popular due to interaction with Apple's Luka Maestri CFO and supply chain officialsStreet insiderTalking to

In response to a series of reports, 9to5Mac, which reports Apple-related news, “It ’s important to remember that RosenblattSecurities is very bearish against Apple. (16,000 yen), but Apple shares are currently trading at about $ 267 (about 29,000 yen). "

In addition to Morgan Stanley analysts, many analysts are making much more optimistic expectations for the iPhone 11 series, and in October 2019 iPhone 11 sold more than originally expected, so the number of units produced And increased 8 million unitsReportedis. In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro was in demand in the United States more than expected.Reportthere is.

RosenblattSecurities predicts that “Apple will release six iPhone models in 2020”. The details of the 6 models are the iPhone 12 which is a dual camera equipped with a 6.1 inch liquid crystal display, which is the successor of the iPhone 11, and the 5.4 inch OLED (organic EL display) dual camera which is the successor of the iPhone 11 Pro Two models of iPhone 12 Pro (4G model and 5G model), 2 models of iPhone 12 Pro Plus (4G model and 5G model), and 5G premium model iPhone 12 Pro It will be “Max”.

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