Reproduction of the "wolf wearing sheep skin"! Control the 4-throttle with HKS F-Con V-Pro DR30 Skyline RS 3

The idea of ​​a hot engine in this 4-door body is a concept reminiscent of the original 4-door GT-R, and is a reproduction of a "wolf with sheep skin".

The red cam cover, which symbolizes the FJ20 model, is fitted with the new model's original model. Includes escort pistons, etc., and increases the displacement to 2080cc. The ignition system has been enhanced with direct ignition for the RB type. The throttle body is made of TWM. The arrangement that stands at the angle that matches the port angle is quite lacy.

The Skyline RS has been told that it could not be given the name of "GT-R" because it was a 4-cylinder car, but it can be considered that this DR30 inherits the spirit of the original GT-R.

The F-Con V Pro, which controls the engine, is located at the foot of the passenger seat.

"It looks normal and the content is crispy." It is one that tells us that the 4-door skyline has such a way of enjoying.

The wheel is a 16 inch SSR Hasemi S5. The front is 7J and the rear is 8J. The unique 5-spoke shape is the best match for the DR30, but is now a valuable wheel.

Published: Nostalgic Speed ​​July 2013 @ Vol.001 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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