Request a tax return from a professional tax accountant on LINE-“ Final return support on LINE '' for sole proprietorships

LINE Pay is a free tax consultation service for individual businessesTax accountant consultation on LINE, The company started providing final income tax return support services for sole proprietors, "LINE final income tax return support," on January 23.

サ ー ビ ス This is a service that allows you to request a tax accountant to file a final tax return on the LINE official account talks for tax accountants. Using a cloud accounting software "LINE store accounting", you can receive various tax services such as bookkeeping check and final tax return agency by a professional tax accountant. The tax service is provided by BPS Tax Corporation, which has already concluded a business tie-up agreement with LINE for tax accountant consultation. The price is said to be "the lowest price in the industry".

す る と By the end of February, if you file a final tax return on LINE via the final tax return support service, you will develop a special privilege campaign in which EtaxID acquisition and bookkeeping checks are free.

キ ャ ン ペ ー ン In addition, a campaign to use LINE store accounting free of charge for six months is also held. The starter plan for private business owners [980 yen [excluding tax] per month] will be provided free of charge for six months. For private business owners, this has been a paid plan for LINE store accounting and cloud accounting software freee in the past. It is intended for users who have never registered.

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