Research results that men are not evaluated by women and their fathers, no matter how good the personality is,


Research results that men are not evaluated by women and their fathers, no matter how good the personality is,

by David Thomaz

An online platform that collects over 10 million scientific documentsSpringerLinkAccording to the latest paper on evolutionary psychology published in, physical (appearance) attraction may work more effectively with his father than with his partner. It has also been shown that women and their fathers expect their companionship to have a minimum of physical attraction.

The Relative Importance of Physical Attractiveness and Personality Characteristics to the Mate Choices of Women and Their Fathers | SpringerLink

The attractiveness of their daughter ’s dating partner might be more important to parents than they realize

Madrin A. Fougere, a professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University, explored how appearance and personality can be evaluated by partners and their parents. He said he was interested in “the influence of appearance and personality” when talking to new students and their parents at the same time at the university.

Mr. Fougere investigated whether similar research papers were published in the past, but there are researches focusing on “ human appearance '' in the same way, but most of them are research results based on self-reporting by questionnaire survey It seems that it was. In self-reported research, “physical attraction (appearance of appearance)” has been consistently evaluated as less important for the parent than the person who is associated with the partner.

However, unlike the self-reported research results so far, Mr. Fougere thought that his parents were more important to the partner's appearance than the person who would be associated with the other person. As for the reason, Mr. Fougere said, “Based on evolution, physical attraction is an indicator of good genetic quality, and I inferred that parents are consciously important.” Talking.

by Toa Heftiba

Therefore, Mr. Fougere considers what points women and their fathers place as "important points for men"Personality traitsConducted a survey to measure both. In the survey, 86 women and their fathers were presented with photos of men and rated as either “very attractive men”, “slightly attractive men” or “unattractive men”. It was. In the survey, they also checked out a profile that shows the personality characteristics of men along with their photos.

Research has shown that both women and their fathers tend to prefer men with “the most desirable personality traits”, but only when men themselves are “very attractive”. On the other hand, in the case of a man who is physically unattractive, that is, a man whose appearance is not attractive, even a man who has the most attractive personality traits It ’s clear that it ’s rated lower than

by Bridget flohe

About this result, Mr. Fougere reports the news about psychology and neuroscience, "partner's physical attraction may be more important than women and their parents are aware of"PsyPostTalking to

In addition, Mr. Fougere said, “Self-reporting does not always report your preferences accurately. Our experiments show that both daughters and their fathers find personality traits more important than physical attraction. "It is suggested that physical attraction plays a greater role than personality traits when fathers choose men as their daughter's potential partner," commented.

In addition, women and their fathers cited the same men as “best men” at about 48%. In addition, when the man whom the daughter and father cited do not agree, it is clear that the daughter asks the man for "more physical attraction" and the father gives priority to the personality trait.

by Eddi Aguirre

In addition, Mr. Fougere said, “When a mother considers her daughter's potential partner, he places importance on the physical attraction of men.”Past researchBased on this, further research will be conducted in the future.

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