Research results that the probability that young people will see pornography will be significantly higher in "religious conservative areas"


Research results that the probability that young people will see pornography will be significantly higher in "religious conservative areas"

Since religion regulates the ethics of individuals, it is generally considered that "the religious environment has a great influence on human behavior." A study on "pornography", which is cited as an example of behaviors in which the religious environment has a great influence, revealed that "young people in areas where the conservative religion is mainstream have a significantly higher probability of seeing pornography". ..

Adolescent Porn Viewing and Religious Context: Is the Eye Still the Light of the Body ?: Deviant Behavior: Vol 0, No 0

A conservative religious environment strongly increases the chances of adolescent porn viewing, study finds

Executed by God for deliberately leaking semen to the ground during intercourseOnanThe Catholic Church condemns masturbation fromRegards.. As such, religions that regulate various taboos and ethics regarding sex are very common.

Fanhao Nie of Valdosta State University did the research to derive the relationship between religion and pornography in the United States. Nie and the 2000 US censusAmerican Statistical AssociationWent in 2010Religious ratio surveyFrom the results, we examined the relationship between "the probability that adolescents watch pornography" and "the religious background in the area".

In this study, Nie focuses on Protestantism, a major religion in America.EvangelicalismWe found that adolescents were more likely to watch pornography in counties with a high proportion of conservative Protestants, such as. According to Nie, the religious environment has a significant impact on pornography ratings, with a unit increase in religious conservatism increasing the youth pornography rating by 66.53%. Also, the effect of religious environment on pornography was consistent, even when taking into account variables at the individual, family, friend, and county level.

Regarding this result, Mr. Nie said, "Regarding the prevention of adolescent sexual deviation, we have grown up to be religious and rigorous.Parental control“ I think it's more than just doing it, '' he says.“My conjecture is that conservative Protestants are forbidden or taught to be embarrassed, so children often say, It's possible that you can only'seek for sexual opportunities', and one of the ways to seek for sexual opportunities is to watch pornography. " "Youth open-minded dialogue about the role and purpose of sex can help establish an objective perspective," he said.

It should be noted that, as the attention point in Nie said of this research, and that what kind of people for the present study is only related to the region is outside the scope of the research is about what are you looking at a lot of porn, Islam Other results may be obtained for non-mainstream religions in the United States such as, and because the dataset used was done before 2008 when smartphones became mainstream, smartphones were given to watch pornography. I have pointed out that the impact that has been excluded.

A 2019 study found that interest in pornography was higher in religiously conservative areas.

Interest in pornography is higher in religiously conservative and conservative areas-GIGAZINE

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