Researchers point out that it is necessary to seriously think about “ sex robot '' to eliminate astronaut's libido


Researchers point out that it is necessary to seriously think about “ sex robot '' to eliminate astronaut's libido

Astronauts have the image of being "chosen people" with rigorous training, but like ordinary people, they need to eat and sleep and have various desires. Canada'sConcordia UniversityResearchers, including Simon Dubé, who study psychology in the United States, argue that "astronauts need to seriously consider ways to address sexual desire during long-duration missions."

Sex in space: Could technology meet astronauts' intimate needs?

Mr. Dubé, who is studying the sexual interaction between humans and machines, says he is interested in astronauts isolated in a closed space with a small number of people. Space exploration and exploration of planets other than Earth are human dreams, but Dubé points out that adapting space travel to humans and making it physically and psychologically feasible is a major challenge. You.

Dubé argues that eliminating sexual relationships and libido with others is a fundamental human need, and that in space, sexual negotiations and sexual desires are as important as on earth. thinking about. NASA and other space agencies in various countries have stated that “ sex has never been done in outer space so far, '' but in recent years the momentum to advance to the moon and Mars is increasing, It is believed that astronauts will stay in space for a longer period of time, and there is growing concern about sexual relationships and libido in space.

One of the key concerns is that astronauts have long-term contact with partners, physical negotiations, and sexual desires in extensive space exploration and the construction of colonies on extraterrestrial satellites and planets. Opportunities are limited. For the time being, it is expected that only a small number of trained people will be selected as astronauts, and not many people will board the spacecraft.

In a small environment, it can be difficult to find a partner that matches your personality, preferences, and sexual orientation, even if you are looking for a partner in love. Also, even if you are lucky to find a partner, if you break up while you are in space, you will have to continue to perform important tasks with your former lover in a closed environment for a long time, which is dangerous. Teamwork and mood that are important to accomplishing the task can be impaired.

Of course, some astronauts may be able to keep their sexual desire under control for a long time, but for many people long abstinence is physically and mentally harmful. Therefore, it can be said that the issue of libido is an indispensable issue in promoting space development, but NASA is reluctant to tackle the issue of libido in space development.

In 2008, NASA spokeswoman Bill Jeffs said, "We are not studying libido in the universe and there is no work in progress."Commenting. However, Dubé points out that NASA's position is irresponsible because humans have an inseparable relationship between libido and physical negotiations, saying, “ Astronauts cannot get sexual stimulation or affection for a long time. If so, how do we maintain the psychological well-being of astronauts? "

As one of the solutions to solve the sexual desire problem of astronauts, Dubé claims that “ allowing astronauts to use toys and machines to eliminate libido '' thing. Also, while sex toys can help relieve sexual desire, they do not satisfy the social needs of a partner,erobot(Erobot)That's where it comes in, "Dubé argues.

The term e-robot refers to artificial virtual romance partners and the technology that brings them into the real world, including sex robots, chatbots for sexual conversations, and partners in VR space. And that. Research on sexual interaction between humans and robotsErobotics"Is a new field of interdisciplinary research that has emerged in recent years, Dubé said.

Erobotics technology, including sex robots, has been criticized as “ harmful '' by some people, but there are also voices of advocacy that there are “ potential benefits in health, education and applied research '' . Dubé argues that e-robots are a viable solution to the harsh conditions of space exploration and the colonization of extraterrestrial planets. By thinking seriously about e-robots, it is possible to tackle sexual relations and sexuality issues in the universe from a scientific and technical point of view instead of the spiritual theory that “ I am an astronaut and I should do my best to abstain '' It can be done.

In addition to providing astronauts with a means of eliminating sexual desire, E-Robot can also be used as a virtual romance partner to eliminate anxiety and loneliness in relationships. Also, by incorporating a sensor in the device, it is possible to grasp the health and psychological state of the astronaut, and to link up with a partner on the earth to engage in sexual negotiations with a distant partner .

Dubé points out that it is important to reaffirm the importance of sexual sexuality and libido in human life, and argues that erotics can contribute to space programs. "We have to throw away the taboos on technology and libido towards the final frontier," Dubé said.

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