Residents' Association Takenaka Vice-Chairman appeals for building a recycling system and developing excellent housing in discussions on reviewing the basic plan for living life

The Housing and Housing Development Subcommittee, which is reviewing the Basic Plan for Housing and Living (National Plan), was held on December 23 at a meeting on the issue of “ stock perspectives, '' He emphasized the need to build a smooth “circulatory system” that would be distributed from the supply to the market through consistent maintenance and rebuilding.

The purpose is to build a good housing stock while maintaining the property value of the house itself. He urged the establishment of good stocks in appropriate locations with low natural disaster risk, and emphasized the importance of eliminating poor quality homes.

Mr. Norio Takenaka, Vice Chairman of Sumidanren (Chairman of the Board of Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.), who participated as an extraordinary member at the same day's meeting, expressed his opinion.

As the population declines, the birthrate and aging population increase, and the number of existing homes increases, and vacant houses are taken up as a major social issue. It is necessary to develop an environment that can be implemented rationally. "

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