Restored Carrera Vol.5|R360 Coupe that "contained" the time of 46 years is finally completed! |R360 restore

I was again impressed with the depth of the old car restore technique… When I saw the Mazda R360 Coupe completed by the restored Carrera, I was deeply moved by it.

The 66-year-old torque drive specification that I have told you several times is as shown in the picture. Masahiko Ogiwara, the representative of the restored Carrera, is a project based on the R360 coupe that he owned and wanted to ride. The last restore technique was to use a clear paint to contain the time of 46 years.

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"If you look at the finished R360 coupe without explaining anything, you can only see an old car with rust and baldness, but in fact, it is finished using high-level techniques that only we can do." Ogihara-san.

First of all, the technique of applying the latest clear paint to the old painted surface that has been exposed to the weather for many years and became dry, and stick it. If you paint without thinking, the thinner contained in the paint will quickly make the old painted surface full of wrinkles. It is extremely difficult for professionals to layer clear paint carefully to prevent such troubles.

The interior is shiny and polished. However, a part of the floor is purposely left with a feeling of use, considering the balance with the appearance.

A sticker of "Yonago Mazda Osamu" that might have been put up at the time of the new car. This is also embedded under the clear. The technique to put paint on it so that it is not affected by thinner is a masterpiece.

There was a large rust at the bottom of the rear fender, but some had holes. A method was used in which a transparent acrylic adhesive was used to close the holes and a clear coating was applied over the holes.

The chassis number letter is right next to the rear bumper.

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