Restoring a valuable car │ Porsche 356 Speedster which won many awards

This article isThe most handsome car of the Porsche 356 model │ 356 Speedster charmIt is a continuation of.

Purchased by Dr. Edwards of the Royal Melbourne Hospital in the mid-1960s, ran on a slightly modest 1600N engine and then sold to Gary Rig on his return to Canada in 1970. Unfortunately, the whereabouts and fate of the original engine are unknown. Carrera Speedster was built with racing in mind, and it was cheaper to replace it than to repair it at the time, leaving little of the original engine.

Gary Rig owned the Porsche until 1982, but then sold it to Trevor Keetley. This new owner restored it as a GT to participate in the race, and installed the 4-cam engine "P90897" purchased in the United States. This engine was found in the chassis of the GT Speedster, which shipped fourth from the production line. Other GT upgrades include a 60mm front brake, 80 liter fuel tank, Sebring exhaust, roll bar, spider wing mirror, wide steel wheels, GT bumper trim and Delington's wood rim steering wheel. It was The original gearbox was repaired in the United States by Charles Appel and the engine by Rensport International. At this time, Speedster is repainted in silver.

The car was first registered in the UK in January 2012. Then in 2014 a full restoration was carried out by Porsche specialists Sportswagen and Maxted Page & Pril Limited. The new owner wanted to manage to keep the GT upgrade somehow while trying to restore it to its original state as much as possible.

Peeling off the surface of the chassis revealed that heavy lead filler was used to make the top and bottom of the panel. Also, similar to the general practice at Porsche factories, this filler was also used for parts that did not match the shape of the body at the time of repair. We decided that there was no other option than a full restore for such a valuable car, so we removed the outer panel and repaired it if necessary, then repaired the inner panel. Fortunately most of the repairs were local, so no panels needed to be replaced. This work was done by Sportswagen in Southend.

At the same time, I returned to the same ruby ​​red paint as the original and attached a black leather seat with a corduroy insert. In addition to the GT upgrade, a louvered engine cover equipped with a distinctive integrated air box was installed. A total of about £ 100,000 was spent on this restoration.

After the restoration was completed, "83727" was exhibited at the 2014 "Classics at the Castle" and won the "Best of the Show". But this isn't the first Speedster trophy. He received the "356 Registry Award" in Australia in 1992, 1993 and 1994, and the "Innocular Master Class" in 1996.

At the beginning of 2018, as part of a commemorative event to celebrate Porsche's 70th anniversary, it was first exhibited at the Salon Prive Concours Masters, a major competition event held at the Blenheim Palace, and the “ Best Open Top Car , "Best Engine" and "Duke of Marlborough Awards" Best in Show "".

Since 2016, this superb car has been managed by Classic Porsche specialist Export 56.

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