Resurrected for the first time in 16 years. 2nd generation GT-R dispells the world's fierce with Atesa & Twin Turbo | Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Vol.1

GT-R with three generations
GT-Rs can be broadly classified into three generations.

Hakosuka has set a milestone of 50 wins in the race, the first generation is a rare KENMELI with a production volume of 197 units, and the second generation is R32 to R34 equipped with turbo + 4WD.

And the current model R35, which is on par with the world's famous supercars, is the third generation.

All models have attracted attention and have been loved by a large number of fans, but the R32 that appeared in 1989 had a particularly strong impact.

“Am” GT-R has revived for the first time in 16 years, so it's inevitable to be talked about.

Furthermore, it was developed with motor sports in mind, using the latest technology of the time to impress fans.

The most notable is the inline 6-cylinder 2.6L twin-turbo engine developed for the GT-R.

This RB26DETT type docks two Garrett T3 type turbochargers, adopts a large air-cooled intercooler and a six-unit throttle chamber.

As a result, overwhelming specifications and a linear response were realized.

In addition, the cast iron is used for the cylinder block instead of aluminum, and the size of the head bolt is increased, and the strength is enhanced. By the way, the displacement of 2.6L was in line with the regulations of the race.

Wheels are R33GT-R genuine. This is what was installed since the owner purchased it. By the way, it seems that he got genuine aluminum. The brakes are equipped with opposing calipers and pinhole rotors with 4 pots in front and 2 pots in rear.

The fuel tank is also GT-R exclusive size. The standard car has a capacity of 60L, while the GT-R has a capacity of 72L. Therefore, when viewed from behind, the presence of the tank can be clearly seen.

A large air-cooled intercooler is installed in front.

Rear wing with outstanding presence that can not be considered as genuine aero. As a result, a large downforce is generated.

A mono-form bucket seat refined for road cars based on the Group A machine seat. Not only high holdability, but also effective in reducing fatigue due to long rides.

Hachimaru Hero May 2019 vol.53 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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