Retro game machine "Pocket Player" with three titles in one unit is too great! I cried because the music of "Druaga Tower" was too good!

In a previous article,A game case of only 9 cm “Tiny Arcade”Introduced. Perhaps it was an admiration to own a game enclosure for an uncle of the age of 40 or older. It would have been unimaginable at that time that the day would come when it would be palm-sized.

If you were a little lonely that you were just getting smaller, it seems that in June 2019, an even more amazing game console was on sale. That is what is called "Pocket Player". This game,There are 3 titles in 1 unit! It's possible to get to "Xevious" and "Druaga Tower"! You can't buy it !!

・ 3 titles in one

It is releasedPocket player "Galaga"WhenPocket player "Dig Dag"It is. Each don Quijote was 3980 yen (excluding tax). At first, I thought it was one title. But if you look at the package …

In Galaga"Galaxian"WhenXeviousBut!

DigdagDig Dag 2When"Druaga Tower"Isn't there?

I didn't plan to buy two game consoles, but I wanted to do Xevious and Druaga Tower, so I had to buy both. The manufacturer is "dreamGEAR" in the United States, and it also manufactures retro arcade game machines. By the way, this product is a full color with a screen size of 2.75 inches. Powered by 4 AAA batteries or micro USB terminal. It comes with a 3.5mm head terminal.

・ Galaga, Galaxian, Xevious

When activated, a game selection screen is displayed first. When I checked with Galaga, I was able to select and play each of the three games!

First is Galaga, the main title of this product. Unfortunately, since I played in Tiny Arcade a while ago, I don't get a very nostalgic impression. But! After all it is fun to play.

Next is Galaxian. Since the birth was a little earlier than Galaga, I feel the oldness of the game screen and sound. Including that, I am very nostalgic! And shobo !! The shobo is good again. Although the game content is monotonous, it seems to be able to play for about an hour without getting bored.

And what I wanted to do was Xevious. I (Sato) was playing this game at the game center and NES.It was a dream to see the “Nasca Lines” that appeared in the gameBut the shooter was too bad and that dream didn't come true.

Now you can play Xevious easily, but you will probably never see the ground image …

Digdag, Digdag 2, Druaga Tower

Digdag also confirmed three titles.

Dig Dag is a work that has a striking character design and sound that is characteristic of Namco (now BANDAI NAMCO). I completely forgot the specification that music would play when the player moved, and I thought, "Is this game silent?"

Next was Digdag 2. Surprisingly, I was completely missing out on the memory of the game. Perhaps it was supposed to be played, but it felt as if it was the first game to be played. I remember aging or Digdag well, but I don't remember 2 at all …

And what I enjoyed most about playing this time was the Druaga Tower.What is good about this game is the music!The music from the beginning of the play to the music being played and the fanfare when the stage is cleared are the best! After a long time of clearing one side, I was a little touched (tears).

The beautiful graphics of recent games are also good. but,I feel that these retro works are clogged up with the origin of the game.. If you don't know these works, let's play it once. Because I feel nostalgic and my heart should be softened.

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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