Return to Ken Shimura's ashes at home My brother “still warm”

A member of The Drifters who died on March 29 due to a new type of coronavirus pneumonia and a talented Ken Ken Shimura [aged 70] was returned to his home in Higashimurayama, Tokyo, on the same day, after being devastated in a Tokyo metropolitan area. Was.

My brother Tomoyuki Shimura [73] interviewed him in front of his home and held his ashes, expressing a sad expression, "Heavy. Still warm."

Tomorrow, Tomoyuki and his relatives met Higatsu, where Shimura was sleeping, in the morgue of the hospital. It was said that the lid had already been closed and the face could not be seen. Also, it was not possible to put items used before or related to life.

The last parting took place at the hospital, where he saw off the patch to the desert. After returning home, Tomoyuki was given the remains of a funeral company official and was finally able to embrace Shimura.

The funeral and farewell ceremony are undecided, and the farewell party will be held after the spread of the new coronavirus has ceased.

Tomoyuki said, "I want you to be aware that you are scared if you become infected."

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