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Review of amplifier cable "Ztella" that can build high res environment with 5g-Engadget Japan version


Zorlo's amplifier cable "Ztella", which has a successful track record in crowdfunding overseas, is developing a project at GREEN FUNDING. Prices start at ¥ 11,500 with Ztella and a USB conversion adapter cable, and multiple sets are also available.

"Ztella" directly converts the frequency of music data that cannot be converted with ordinary smartphones and earphones using the IC chip built into the cable, preventing noise contamination and sound quality degradation.

Roughly speaking, it is possible to play high-quality music data simply by connecting "Ztella" between the device and the earphone. In addition, despite its compactness of 11cm / 5g, it also supports playback of MQA [Master Quality Authenticated], which is a high-resolution audio codec.

In my image, the playback environment for high-resolution sound sources was expensive, with DACs, players, and earphones required, and the belongings were bulky. However, Ztella is quite compact. In this article, we will examine how far the sound quality has changed.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING


▲ Conversion cable attached to iPhone [above image] “Ztella” body [middle of image] Optional Lightning cable converter [bottom of image] The main body is 5cm longer than normal conversion. Lightness, of course.

With a metallic terminal and a sturdy braided cable, luxury and strength are perfect.

Since the main body is USB type-C, conversion is required for viewing on iPhone. At the stage of use, I was a bit concerned about the looseness when connecting to the conversion to Lightning cable. I also anticipate situations where I walk in my pocket, and I felt that I would be relieved if there was a firmer and more secure feeling.

This time, we will compare the sound quality using commercially available earphones and headphones. I think there are various playback environments, but we will compare them in an environment that anyone can easily prepare.


▲ In this review, we reproduced UA's passion. In addition to singing voice and bass, various sounds such as horn section, back chorus, guitar, etc. are sounding and it is difficult to play beautifully.

▲ You can also see the level of the sound source being played with the indicator.

When I put on "Ztella", I suddenly heard "Ooh". The sound quality changes so much. The range was very wide, and the resolution went up. The bass and singing voices that were unnecessarily loud are suppressed, and you can clearly hear the horn section, guitar, and back chorus that are sounding together. In this test, I could feel more with earphones than with headphones.

I used YouTube and other streaming services, but all felt the same. This is an improvement we want both wired earphone users and those who want to enjoy music on a PC to try.

Currently, this "Ztella" is not sold to the general public, and crowdfunding is being conducted at GREEN FUNDING. The price is from 11,500 yen with Ztella and USB conversion adapter cable, multiple sets are also available.

It is recommended not only for those who want to stick to sound quality from everyday viewing, but also for those who want to stick to it from now on. It's a "first of all" product that can be carried without any hassle and hassle-free connection.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING


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