Review of Basic Plan for Living Life = Establish study groups for each field from the perspective of stock, residents, and industry

In discussions on the Basic Plan for Housing and Living (National Plan), which is being reviewed for the decision of the Cabinet in 2021, the Secretariat's Housing Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism reviewed the changes in housing, housing and demand demanded by the public. Listed as an issue.

Based on discussions from the previous meeting, showing changes from the previous formulation, such as the decrease in the number of households in 2016. In addition, changes in the environment such as large cities and regions, urban areas and suburbs, new housing forms such as sharing economy, securing stock safety, commercialization of housing stock, utilization of IoT and artificial intelligence, community functions, etc. .

In order to discuss these viewpoints specifically, we decided to hold study sessions for each individual field, and then proceed with deliberation by opening a subcommittee.

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