Review of “Koko Nara'', a sideline application that allows you to sell your skills and earn money!

Skill market service where you can post your skills and sell servicesCoconara"I'd like to introduce!

Exhibit your skills from a wide range of genres in "Coconara"!

It's not just freelancers who usually work from home, but when you're looking for a job you're worried about acquiring customers, right?

The most important thing is sales, but with the advent of crowdsourcing sites and the like, there are many rivals, and even if you have sufficient skills, you may not be able to receive work orders.

By using "Coconara", you can sell a wide range of jobs, such as fortune telling and legal consultation, as well as programming and design.

Also, since the price can be set from 500 yen, there is also a chance that you can directly connect your hobbies and skills that you were casually doing as a job.

Skills for "Kokonara" can be displayed in a minimum of 5 minutes!

It's very easy to list your skills in "Kokonara".

First of all, let's fill in the title of the service and a catch phrase that makes a brief supplement.

This title and slogan are the first impressions from many listings that will give you an opportunity to see your skills, so let's think carefully and decide!

Decide how to provide categories and services

After deciding your own title, decide the service to be provided next and its category.

By categorizing your services here, you can target them, so make sure you choose the right category.

How to provide the service only decides what you can do for delivery.

Also check the price of the service in advance and decide what is suitable for your skill.

"Kokonara" can analyze the posted services

With "Coconara", you can analyze in detail where and when the service was purchased and how many people came to see the service.

It is possible to analyze how much demand and interest the buyer has for the service posted.

It's not a dream to analyze the services with the most views and earn enough money to get a job.

There is also a follow function, and there is also a setting to notify followers when price adjustments and work contents are changed.

It's good that you can know the degree of attention of your service by increasing the number of followers.

How can I list the services that can be sold at "Kokonara"?

In order to sell your little skill, it is important to hone your skill.

For everyday hobbies, if you try to sell it and sell it even once, you have to provide professional services.

And if you can offer more value than the services you have listed, it is important to consider the services that are in high demand by using the Cocona's listing service analysis.

The more evaluations, the more work!

"Kokonara" allows both parties to comprehensively evaluate the service when the transaction is completed.

Also, because there are ranks according to the evaluation, the more you do your best, the more chances you get a job!

Careful consideration and communication after the purchase of the service can trigger a big change in your evaluation, so it is important to start with a greeting.

When is the payment for "Kokonara" rewards?

You can apply for "Kokonara" rewards 3 days after the transaction is completed.

The payment cycle will change depending on the timing of the application, and the application for 1st to 15th will be transferred to the designated account on the 20th of the current month, and the application applied from the 16th to the end of the month on the 5th of the next month.

It's good to apply at your own timing and create a source of income as a side business first!

About transfer fee

When you apply for "Kokonara", you will be charged a flat fee of 160 yen each time you apply.

However, if the transfer amount is 3,000 yen or more, the transfer fee will be free.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply for a certain amount of sales at once.


By using "Kokonara", you can work casually, from your minor skills to your hobbies, apart from your main business.

The more you rate it, the more chances of getting a job, and the more fun you can sell your skills like a game.

By all means, why don't you take this opportunity to list your own skills?

Coconala ・Distributor: coconala Inc
・DL price at the time of publication: Free
・Category: Business
・Capacity: 126.3 MB
・Version: 4.14.0
*Capacity is maximum. It may become smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© coconala, Inc.

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