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Don't you think "I'm not spending my time meaningfully, I'm not enjoying it…" I would like to recommend to such people, "Lake coloring bookAn application that allows you to enjoy coloring pages. Get in touch with art and relax and have a good time!

Express your personality with "Lake"

"Lake" is a coloring book application operated by an overseas company. It also supports Japanese, so you can use it with confidence. In 2017, we won the Apple Design Award!

"Lake" has a lot of unique and beautiful illustrations by various popular artists around the world.iPhoneWith an iPad or iPad, you can enjoy coloring anywhere.

Coloring books calm the heart

Looking at beautiful illustrations and various colors makes you feel happy. Actually,Coloring book is a kind of art therapyIt is said that you can relax quite a bit!
Not only does it calm the irritable mood and instability, but it also gives you an opportunity to remember yourself.

Also, by being absorbed in coloring pages, you can enjoy your own time. It's also a great place to relax, and it's a good place to try and change your mind♪

Even if you're busy every day, why don't you spend some time using the gaps to add colors and look forward to your daily life?

How to use "Lake"

"Lake" has no complicated operations, so anyone can enjoy coloring pages. I'll show you how to use it!

Choose the illustration you want to color

When you start "Lake", firstDaily favorites, collections, new artists, staff recommendationsIs displayed. Every day I meet new illustrations!

It is also at the bottom of the screenAll artYou can also search from that part. There are abundant categories such as "cute", "animal", "flower", and "landscape", so please take a look at the categories you care about.

In one of the categories, "Artist Book", you can see works drawn by various artists. If you have a design that you like, check out the artist who painted it!

In the "free" category, you can choose illustrations that can be colored without charging, so you can immediately experience coloring!

Let's paint the color

When you find an illustration you want to color, tap the illustration. Then you will be transferred to the work screen.

Since there is a rainbow palette at the bottom of the screen, let's choose a color you like and add colors to the illustration at once!
Flick the rainbow palette left and right to change the color type, and flick up and down to change the color density. You can also use two fingers to zoom in and out when you want to paint on small details.

If you want to change the type of brush, tap the black brush icon on the bottom left. You can switch to brushes, sprays, watercolors, buckets, and erasers.

The size of the brush can be changed in 5 steps, so please choose according to your needs!

Also, the "◎" part in the upper part can switch on/off the protrusion prevention function. In the normal "◎" state, you can only apply the part encircled by the line.

By tapping and switching to the dotted line "◎", you can ignore the line and add color.

Let's use these functions to paint colors as you like and create a unique work♪

How to resume work?

When you want to resume coloring, it's at the bottom of the screenstudioTap.

Then, since the works in the process of production are lined up, let's select the work you want to resume. The screen will change to a coloring page and you can continue working.

When you are done, tap the icon on the upper right of the coloring screen to move it to My Gallery.

Let's see your work

The completed work is in the lower part of the screenMy galleryCan be seen from.

It's kind of nice to see that it's a joint work with an artist, because it's written as 〇 [artist name] with me! Below that, the title of the work and the date it was completed are displayed.

By tapping a work, you can save or delete the coloring illustration, move it to My Studio and restart the coloring. You can also post it on SNS, so it might be good to show your self-made work on SNS ♪

Enjoy unlimited coloring by paying

Although "Lake" is fully enjoyable even if it is free, all illustrations will be unlocked by paying and you will be able to have unlimited coloring.

In addition, it will be even easier to use, such as the ability to change the color saturation of the dedicated palette and the ability to add your favorite artist to my list.

The service isTwo types of monthly fee of 1,080 yen and annual fee of 2,700 yen.. The annual purchase is overwhelmingly advantageous!
However, please note that there is no free trial period.

Let's enjoy art in various colors!

"Lake" is a coloring book application where you can relax and enjoy your own time. Why don't you enjoy your coloring time and enjoy your coloring at any time and place?

Lake coloring book ・Distributor: Lake d.o.o.
・DL price at the time of publication: Free
・Category: Lifestyle
・Capacity: 147.5 MB
・Version: 3.6.9
*Capacity is maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© 2016 Lake d.o.o.


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