Review of the City Planning Act = MLIT submits a bill to the Diet this time, red zone developers can be published, and disasters become severe and frequent

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will submit a proposal to the parliament currently in force to amend the City Planning Act and the Special Measures for Urban Regeneration. Since natural disasters are occurring frequently and intensifyingly, review them from the perspective of disaster prevention. The policy is to further suppress the development of hazard areas. Recommendations should be made to businesses developing three or more homes in the disaster red zone, and the name of the business can be made public if they do not comply. In addition, standards will be set for regulations that can be developed exceptionally if designated by local governments even in urbanization control areas. The city planning operation guideline will also be reviewed to clearly state that the disaster red zone will be excluded from the residential guidance area in principle, and measures to promote relocation from the hazard area will be expanded. Submit the bill in early February.

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