Review the basic plan for living life, discuss from a resident perspective such as raising children and elderly people,

In the discussion of child-raising households, a survey by the National Institute of Population and Social Security showed that one of the reasons why we do not have the ideal number of children is that "because the house is too small" for 1.3% to 16%. 1%.

He said, "I think the economic reasons are great, but (with this result) it is doubtful that the house is too small to have children (to reach conclusions)."

Another member pointed out that the causal relationship between the living area and the birth rate is not "the living area of ​​Okinawa (the birth rate is relatively high) is not large." A member who questioned, "Is it sufficient to support child-rearing?" Suggested that the relationship between residence and work be examined as a point to solve the national policy issues due to a declining birthrate such as a labor shortage.

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