Revive the rare Porsche 911 Carrera RS lightweight over 6 years!

RS expert Mark Wearing revived the rare sport of the 911 Carrera RS in 1973 over the course of six years. Finish the restoration and look back at the history of the car.

It was a long journey if you think. I want you to associate with my memories. It should be worth it. This is the story of restoring the precious RS sport "Lightweight", a former rally champion, before reuniting with the then driver, Hermes Delver.

The journey began in July 2000. At that time, the price of the RS was much lower than it was today, and massive restores were seldom performed unless the car had a special history and appeal. It was frank to laugh at buying a car that lacked most of its parts and trying to restore it, even though there are many cars that run properly. If you're going to do it, you think you're crazy. But I like to take on the challenge.

Now, full restores are also common, because all of the early 911s were very hard to get. Cars that were not previously looked at are being reconsidered as candidates and are often restored. However, "it is better to stop" is advice from those who have actually experienced it. If you can't meet the following conditions, you don't need to think. [1] Do not give a thread to gold. ② Have the expertise to handle the project or hire an expert like me. ③ We know the spare parts market widely.時間 が You have plenty of free time.が あ る There is patience and generosity comparable to a saint. And with all that, even if you're motivated, you need to be prepared to be discouraged and ultimately not finished at the expected level. The exact restoration has not been known until it is completed.

The reason I started this project is simple. The conditions from 1 to 5 could easily be fulfilled, and since parts were collected since 1987, when the car was found in Belgium, all the missing parts were accidentally at hand. In addition, the experience of operating Porsche Club GB's Early 911 Register for 10 years and restoring many times over the past 20 years has given us the know-how needed for accurate restoration. Sometimes you need the courage to lift the car when you find that it's not working properly. It's a big job if it's disassembled into thousands of parts, but if left unchecked, the problem will swell and the costs will be higher. Either they do it or they don't. There are some ways to sign a contract, but finding a signing contractor is a pain.

Even with all of these conditions in mind, the restoration of this car was a six-year project, during which both me and the people involved were struggling with the storm of emotions. But Porsche is my life. At the end of this journey, one of the most dreamy days of my Porsche life was waiting.

Let's look at reality first. Towing a rolling bodyshell to a British warehouse was a lonely task. It's a long way to go before you realize the enormous amount of work you can expect. At that time, I was still excited about new challenges. I just completed a major project, the restoration of the Kremer 2.8RSR, and that experience was a great source of food. I've been listening to various restore nightmares for 10 years, so I didn't have to worry about making the same mistake.

Start planning what to do and in what order. The car had to be disassembled only on weekends, as there were few parts left. It quickly became apparent that almost all the parts needed for the rally car had been lost, causing extensive damage. At that time, a friend was asking for help with a restore. His 2.0S on the right handle was heavily rusted and needed a new bodyshell. So we talked, and a friend bought an almost perfect left-hand drive vehicle, used a bodyshell, and decided to get the rest of the parts in exchange for help. This was a great answer. Years later, in the final assembly phase, it became apparent that the parts obtained here were essential for completion.

Why many parts are missing … continue to the next time

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