Revived thanks to SNS! 「“ Crossover Reb! ”10 years after“ Overreb! ”| What is the secret story of the production by Katsumi Yamaguchi?

Then overrev! Will continue to advance and record the top sales among the many car comics that were serialized. The characters also supported the story by four protagonists, and the conditions for long-term serialization were set.

"Actually, I'm not good at naming characters, and I often use the names of people close to the names of characters."

漫画 In such manga drawn by Mr. Yamaguchi, you can find many names such as assistants, editors in charge, and friends of professional baseball players.

オ ー バ ー Overrev in 2004! Ends without losing popularity. In response to the question that we could actually continue

“Ryoko has grown up enough and I wanted to try something new, so it was a good time to finish.”

Overrev! 15 years from the end. The story is back.

"Thank you. This is all thanks to everyone who supported me mainly on SNS. This time, when drawing a manga, many people provided me with materials, so I will let it appear in the manga as it is I'm also experimenting with it. It's not possible for a commercial magazine to show my car in comics, so it might be quite interesting [laughs]. "

Overrev! "Crossover Rev!", Which depicts the world 10 years after, is being serialized in "Manga Cross" operated by Akita Shoten.

The book was released on August 20, and it is said that it is very popular enough to be reprinted as soon as possible. crossover rev with the new hero! A little introduction. Also noticeable.

Yamaguchi has a mouse in his left hand.

Now draw with your right hand while moving the display location.

Since many layers are overlapped in one frame, there is no need to rewrite everything from the beginning.

The result is faster finish and no assistant needed. Even if an assistant is needed, the data will be exchanged, so they won't come to work.

A service that draws illustrations from photos, mainly for fans.

The price changes depending on the size.

By the way, Nobuhiko Matsunaka is playing the guts pose on the second base.

In addition, the players of the Hawks, Kota Soejima and Hisao Toba are overrev! Has appeared in.

Hachimaru Hero November 2019 vol.56 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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