RG "Battle" is too dark to write? "A little dark business …"

Comedy Talent, Razor Ramon RG [45], Monster Engine Yoichi Nishimori [40] participated in the movie “Ford VS Ferrari” [released January 10 next year] in Osaka city on the 12th.

The movie is double-starring by American actor Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Drawing Ford men who challenged champion Ferrari in the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race.

RG, who appeared as a captain of Reach Michael, the representative of Japan Rugby, expressed the word “battle” in a single kanji character when asked about the impression of watching the movie. One letter is RG's own handwriting, and when the moderator puts in a lot of “handwriting”, “This is a fight,“ fight ”?”, “When you look at it, you seemed like“ darkness ”? I will fight. " Adding words further, "I will challenge the fight against various things. If rugby is a kanji, it's a" ball game ". There were places where I suffered a bit from the dark business, but I still struggled with the media." Appealed.

Nishimori expresses “love”. “I love 'Ossan's unique creation. But I really wanted to write' greed. '

Le Mans first Japanese racer Masanori Sekiya judged the “Kanji confrontation” of two people and raised his army in Nishimori. Talking to the regrettable RG from a joke, “Today's Gala has a plus 240,000 yen after Le Mans”, RG said, “240,000 yen, I'm pretty happy. I will fight the staff.” Full of fighting spirit. After the event, Nishimori says “Yoshimoto is a jackal” for an additional ¥ 240,000. RG said with plenty of humor, "If Yoshimoto is too jackal, we will go to the dark business, play a dark game, and we will jackal."

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