Rich money! How to create opportunities for growth

◆ Create an opportunity to grow and jump into it
As Recruit founder Hiromasa Ezoe once said, "Create your own opportunity and change yourself with the opportunity," it is easier to change through opportunities than to try to change yourself with your own will. You.

For example, when trying to diet, depending on will, it is easy to be frustrated, but it is easy to understand that if you serve a prison, you will lose weight naturally. This is because you will be forced to have a healthy life with a regular life, moderate exercise, enough sleep, a well-balanced and eight-minute meal.

Of course, the prison story isn't helpful, but when you apply it to our way of life, it means "creating an opportunity to grow and jump into it." In other words, it means to work on a difficult job that you can not do with your current ability, or to take on a new challenge.

For example, climbing Mt. Fuji every year alone does not increase the climbing power. Only by climbing various mountains in the world, experience and know-how can be accumulated and applied. Similarly, routine work alone is your usual everyday life, your usual self, and you cannot expect any change or growth.

So by raising hands for a new project, offering a department transfer, or changing jobs, if you jump into a world where you can't just do it the way you've been, you're forced to change yourself.

◆ Improve yourself with higher goals
Even if you can't create such an opportunity, it is up to you to set higher goals for yourself. A goal that cannot be achieved on conventional extensions.

For example, take on 10 times the work you have done so far. Then you have to do your job in one-tenth of the time you have been doing. To do that, you have to change the way. The brain may start moving violently, leading to a zero-based idea.

If you try in that way and continue trial and error, your job will become more powerful. That is, it is nothing but "growth".

"Occasions are things to create, not wait" is an old word, but not many people practice it. Because everyday life is more comfortable, secure and easier.

However, just as water stagnates, people may degenerate if they stay in the same place. Even if you don't mean degeneration, if your surroundings strive to move forward, you can relatively retreat. The old handle and old glory always rust.

I always want to look back on what opportunities I should create for my growth. Of course, it also includes the meaning of my own self-defense.

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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