Rich people are not afraid of being criticized

◆ The more you demonstrate your personality, the more you are criticized
To make money, you need your brand power. And to raise your brand, you must express your own principle.

“People who gather money” are those who have sent out their own unique ideas. However, the more you demonstrate your personality, the more you will be criticized by those who react to it.

A typical example of how it looks physically is when a blog post you wrote or a post posted on SNS is flooded with critical comments.

Not only celebrities, but also celebrities who are not used to the fire may reveal their weaknesses, such as deleting their SNS accounts, closing their blogs, or becoming ugly.

I also write articles in books and online columns, so I have an aspect that is subject to criticism, but I don't care at all.

When I first started writing a book, when a critical review was written on a reader's comment, I was shocked because I was not used to it.

However, now that we are able to accurately recognize the content of the criticism and estimate the spirituality of the critic, it turns out that most of these reviews are insignificant.

Of course, the titles of columns and books are sometimes exaggerated so that editorial departments and publishers can sell them, so there is a slight mismatch with the contents, and there is nothing written about what you want to know. It does not mean.

However, the criticism comment calmly reads back whether the content of one's claim is pointed out accurately and where the weakness of one's claim is. At the same time, imagine the values ​​of the person making the statement. Imagine the emotional movement of the person who provided the basis for this statement.

Then you realize that most are nothing but shallow thoughts, stereotypes, and beliefs.

It is unlikely that it will pierce the essential flaws, misconceptions, or logic holes in the text. Even though I wrote "There are exceptions", I overlooked it. I mean, I can't read it. It's just an emotional reaction.

For example, recently a comment on my blog is here

"What are you doing? Write only unpleasant articles. Keep the idiots silent."

I don't even feel like deleting it anymore, but I'm glad I could use it for work.

◆ Imagining the spirituality of the flame fighter, it seems ridiculous
Even if critical comments are made, if you imagine the spirituality of those who are involved in the flames, you should feel ridiculous.

In the first place, the response that is silly or boring comes from the criteria of the person, most of which is whether it suits their values.

If you agree with your values, you will be affirmed, if you do not agree, you will be denied. That means you are a person who cannot accept different ideas.

Low sensitivity that cannot be learned from other people's information, lack of reading ability to read lines, poor poverty that can only accept other people's remarks negatively, small size that can only lower drinking by cursing The immaturity that can only be confirmed by denying others.

And you can't help but feel a kind of sympathy for the unproductive idea that you don't go back to the act of criticism without any merit. For that reason, looking at such writings in recent years has made me laughable.

So if you get a criticism of the information you send,

“Sorry, I ’m sorry, because I ’m thinking like that.”
“At best, live an unhappy life.”

Just think.

It may feel like a little arrogant, but it's just a tweet in your heart. If you don't refute it, there will be no re-flaming when you drop gasoline. [In general, it is wise to avoid criticizing others by name. It may cause troubles that are not productive. I will counterattack if I am nominated and criticized in my position, but I will not dare to attack someone by name].

In this way, information should be disseminated actively without fear of criticism. Then there will always be people who sympathize with your principle claims, "I think so!"

And as the voice increases, the more money is collected.

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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