Rich people spend money on "spending time"

◆ Why spending time is important
Perhaps more important to us as busy people is the expense of producing time than the expense of spending time.

Therefore, even at my home, I ask a housekeeping service provider to clean my house every week and use a babysitter. The website is outsourced and modified, and the tax returns are outsourced, so that we can concentrate on the things that are worth what we do.

◆People playing smartphone games on trains will lose time
On the other hand, when I casually look at the screens of people who are operating smartphones and tablets on a train, they are playing social games at a relatively high rate.

Not only games, but rental videos, movies, portable audio devices, etc. are all tools for killing time. Some people say that they spend a lot of time watching SNS these days. This means that many people are spending time instead of spending it [although social games and social media are basically free].

By the way, in recent years, marketing terms include keywords such as "time consumption" and "experience value", and companies are using their hands to provide products and services that "make money to consume time".

This means that if you live unconsciously, you may be brainwashed by corporate advertising, unconsciously paying "I like that", and at the same time you may lose time.

◆ Don't unknowingly lose time and money
Of course, that doesn't mean that it's good or bad, and it's good if you think that "this is a rational choice" at times and in some cases. However, living unknowingly imprints the supplier's logic.

For example, some people think that it is natural to use mouthwash for mouthwash and face wash for face wash, but it may be negative depending on your physical condition. I don't use mouthwash, and I think hot water is enough for daily cleansing [though it would be different for women to drop cosmetics].

All such catchphrases are common sense created by companies. It's a waste of your time and money.

So, from now on, I want to live consciously, "Is this an expense to generate my own time, or is it an expense to take my time?"

Text = Chodo Tokio [Money Guide]
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