Rich people! Techniques to defeat the 100 yen shop

◆ What do rich people think of a 100 yen uniform shop? How to use
A 100-yen shop that makes it easy to buy extra items. However, if you devise how to use it, you can make a more economically advantageous choice.

I think there are two advantages of a 100-yen shop.

One of course is that you can buy it cheaply. As you all know, there are a lot of household supplies and sundries that are overwhelmingly cheaper than buying at other stores. The ability to buy products of the same use at a low price means that you can get the same utility as you expect with less expense, so it has the same meaning as investment.

However, for items that are directly related to daily use, such as kitchen detergents and ballpoint pens, it may be better to buy a product from a well-known manufacturer [ballpoint pens do not write well, detergents do not drop well, etc.].

As a precaution in that sense, you need to think about what should be enough for a 100-Yen shop product and what should be selected with an emphasis on quality and function, and have your own judgment axis. If there is an axis, it will be difficult to be "easy or bad".

Another effect is that the market view obtained at a 100-yen shop becomes a valuable monosashi that can be used to determine whether the price of goods is high or low.

If you go to a large 100-yen shop, you will find a lineup of most of the small items and consumables you need around you.

So, when buying consumables at stores other than the 100-yen store [general supermarkets, drugstores, etc.], thinking about whether it is expensive or cheap compared to products from the 100-yen store, You will be able to shop smarter.

◆ Price comparison axis
As an example, here are my experiences. For example, because I buy a lot of books, I sell books that I no longer need after reading at online bookstores such as Amazon Marketplace.

Therefore, an envelope for sending is necessary, but at first I bought 12 sheets at a 100 yen shop. Because we don't sell cosmetics, 100 yen shop tea envelopes are enough.

Previously, this was good because the number was small, but as the sales volume increased, it was not in time to enter 12 sheets, so I tried searching online stationery stores.

When I bought 100 units at ASKUL, I realized that the unit price per sheet was cheaper than a 100-yen shop. If you buy in bulk, it takes up storage space, but this is cheaper and we decided that we would soon run out of 100, so we switched to ASKUL.

One day, when I went to the supermarket, I remembered that I needed a seasoning. 250 yen at the supermarket. When I went to the 100-yen shop, I sold almost the same size and shape, so I bought it at the 100-yen shop.

In addition to the 100-yen shop, AEON's “TOPVALU” has been added for comparison. For example, a 45-liter garbage bag. I researched and found that Topvalu's garbage bags were even cheaper than online shops and 100-yen shops.

Now, if you have a smartphone, you can search and compare prices at the store, so I always try to compare unless there is an urgent need or there is no nearby store selling the product.

Even if you go to a 100-yen shop, you don't take the product to the cash register immediately, but you can find it on your smartphone while walking in the store in the shopping cart. If there is a cheaper place, the behavior pattern is to return the product in the basket to the shelf.

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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