Rich people! Things to do when you are a company employee

◆ What you want to do when you are an office worker
I don't think there are many people who don't like to be the gear of the organization, but if you don't like the gear, you have to be independent.

However, those who cannot do so will complain and go to the company. That won't be a good job.

So why not change your mind and become a huge gear?

◆ What will happen when it comes to “big gears”?
In the first place, a large gear is often placed at the center of rotation, so in other words, it is the central figure of the organization or project.

In addition, it can be said that if the gears are large, there is room for combining with other small gears, so you can connect with more people.

As the word “mesh” says, if you work closely with various people, things won't progress without you. In other words, you are the key man of the organization.

In an organization, it is absolutely necessary to connect with people. Therefore, if you are connected to many people from other departments as well as your own department, it will be easier to work across departments and situations where the interests between departments conflict. If you are connected to senior management, you will be more likely to take advantage of their authority.

◆ If you keep it as a “small gear” ……
On the other hand, with small gears, there is no space to mesh with many people. If you are involved with gears that are larger than you, you must adapt yourself to their movements. You cannot change speed or reverse rotation.

In addition, if it becomes a single gear, it means that no one is involved, there is no influence anywhere, and there is no existence value at all. This is the so-called idle rotation.

There is a lot of stress and being involved with people, but increasing your gear means that your influence within the company will increase, and eventually you will say “ If you say so ''. You will be more likely to be able to work at your own pace and desired conditions.

Therefore, I would like to increase the chances of meeting new people without limiting human relationships to “ usual colleagues '', not limiting drinking parties to “ usual mens '', and not hating transfers and transfers. .

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