Rich people use "funds of others"

◆ How to work for a rich businessman
It's sometimes necessary to show yourself big in order to take a job in a sales office or to carry out a project you want to do in a presentation.

For example, when preaching to subordinates and juniors, if you are inexperienced in management, you will be stupid if you do "The key to management is …", but if you do "as Drucker said …" Claims can also be transmitted in a convincing way.

This is an example of so-called "use another person's fundo", in which the weight of one's claim is borrowed from the words of great people and experts.

◆ One way to show your value
Or, if your company is actively expanding overseas, you may be told, "Your company is amazing."

At that time, saying, "Hey, I don't have any relation to that department", it certainly sounds honest, but the other person said, "What, this person is not an important position in this company. That ’s not it. ” Then, even if you say something in the business talk, you will lose much weight.

Therefore, changing the wording a little is one way to show your value.

For example, if you say, "Well, actually there is such a terrible episode for launching locally …", you can make a great company Kanban your own.

Your eyes may then tell you, "This person may be in a key position in the company. Let's take care of his relationship."

Of course I don't know if this will happen, but that's all that changes my presentation. It would be a lie to say "I was involved", but it would be permissible to introduce the company's story that I knew, unless it was business confidential.

So no matter how your opponent perceives it, it's a matter of opponent and it doesn't matter here. I didn't do anything.

If you can make yourself look bigger and continue or expand your business, using it aggressively is one of the strategies to make a chance.

◆ Fundoshi of other people belongs only to others
However, if you borrow forever, you will need to be careful because the time when the ghost skin peels off will come. Since other people's fundos belong to other people, you need to tighten your own fundos sooner or later without overuse.

You'll need to borrow someone else's fund while you work on an important project in your company, and be able to speak for yourself.

Before you have a track record, you have to make a track record. So, with the help of the company's kanban and acquaintances, let's get a job, gain experience, and improve your ability.

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