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Ricoh, toughness digital camera “ WG-70 '' capable of underwater photography at a depth of 14 m

On February 5, Ricoh Imaging announced the RICOH WG-70, a compact digital camera with waterproof and shock-resistant performance. 2 hours of underwater shooting at a depth of 14m. It will be released from the middle of March. Price is open. Color variations are available in two colors, orange and black.

  • A toughness digital camera "WG-70" that can shoot underwater at a depth of 14m. The picture is an orange model

Waterproof digital camera with high durability performance despite being a standard model. Waterproof performance of IPX8 [equivalent to JIS protection class 8] capable of continuous underwater shooting at a depth of 14 m for 2 hours, dustproof performance of IP6X [JIS protection class 6], drop impact resistance from a height of 1.6 m, weight up to 100 kgf Withstands load-bearing performance and cold resistance up to -10 degrees.

The image sensor is a 1 / 2.3-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor with approximately 16 million effective pixels. The sensitivity is ISO125 to ISO6400. The "Handheld Night Scene Mode", which captures / combines multiple images, allows you to shoot with reduced camera shake. You can also make pictures.

  • Black model

The lens is a 5x optical zoom with a focal length of about 5 to 25mm [35-mm equivalent: about 28 to 140mm]. The lens configuration consists of 11 elements in 9 groups [5 aspherical lenses]. The open aperture ranges from F3.5 [W end] to F5.5 [T end]. Around the lens, six LED auxiliary lights are arranged, and the "digital microscope mode", which enlarges and shoots the subject, allows the subject to be illuminated brightly. The digital microscope mode has been improved in that the recording size can be selected.

The movie shooting function supports a maximum of 1,920 x 1,080 dots / 30 fps. The display is equipped with a 2.7-inch liquid crystal with approximately 230,000 dots. As the recording media, SD / SDHC // SDXC memory cards can be used in addition to the built-in memory [about 68 MB]. Battery life is about 340 still images and about 260 minutes of video playback time. The body size is about W122.5 x D29.5 x H61.5mm, and weighs about 193g [including battery and SD memory card].

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