Rie Miyazawa “Mysterious Power” talks about the 7-day war 31 years ago

Rie Miyazawa [46] performed “voice” 30 years after the first starring movie.

The animated movie “Bokura no 7-Day War” [Risa Soda, directed by Yuta Murano] was released on the 13th and a stage greeting was held. The film was drawn 30 years after the live-action version, which was noted as Rie's first starring 31 years ago. It is a setting that involves the main character.

Rie said, “There are many people who do not know about 30 years ago at this venue, but I remember when I was 15. I think that it was a very small youth movie, but it was a wonderful youth movie "I said with a smile.

Kitamura said, “I looked back at the live-action version again and it looked very mature compared to us. I was honored to be able to take over that masterpiece. “I feel like I was able to run to the end with a single word from Miyazawa-san.

Rie said, “I didn't seem to be nervous at all. Rather, it led me to the timing,” he said. I lost my confidence that I wasn't right.I was playing naturally as I continued to shoot.I felt the mysterious power of the movie.I was pretty injured, but the shooting site at that time had a good meaning. There was a lot of trouble, ”he looked back on the first starring scene.

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