Rieko Ike appears in the news station, "Alive is a miracle"

Rikako Ikee [19 = Renaissance], a swimming girl, appeared on TV Asahi's "News Station" on the 19th.

"I'm a miracle to be here and a miracle to be alive" in an interview with former tennis player Shuzo Matsuoka, who also serves as the cheering director of the Japan Olympic Committee's "Janbare! Nippon! I said.

"I'm not shocked at all. I'm happy to see more clothes coming into the hospital," she said in a statement when she was told of leukemia. He continued, "There was some pressure [such as the Tokyo Olympic gold medal candidate] and I didn't have to think about the Olympics anymore. I was feeling the pressure unexpectedly. I was released from the word medal and switched to positive I was looking back. "

The goal is the 2012 Paris Olympics. He has revealed that it is not until he can swim yet, but he is drawing his image until his revival, such as dreaming. At the end of the program, "I don't think I was sick for a millimeter, but since I've learned a lot from sickness, I was asked to think about what kind of position and how I should live. It was a great turning point in his life. "

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