Rika Kihira 4th appearance / GP final SP breaking news

Rika Kihira [17 = Kansai University KFSC], aiming for the GP final succession, will appear fourth.

Others are Arena Zakitowa [17 = Russia], Brady Tenel [21 = 7 US] and three Russian daughters Alona Kostrunaya [16], Alexandra Trusova [15], Anna Shervakova [15] Will participate.

Kihira Rika

3A / 3Lo / FCSp / 3F + 3T / CCoSp / StSq / LSp

At the beginning of the triple accelerator, after landing, the weight was disturbed by the outside of the right foot edge. The second jump was a combination, but it fell after the second half of the jump. After acting, he smiled.

Ariona Kostrnaya

3A / 3Lz / FCSp / 3F + 3T / CCoSp / StSq / LSp

The first three-turn accelerator was icing, the three-rotation Lutz was also icing, and the three-turn flip-three-turn toe loop was icing from a high jump. Spins and steps earned level 4.

Alexandra Tulsois

2A / 3F / CCoSp / 3Lz + 3Lo / FCSp / StSp / LSp

At the beginning of the changed 3-turn accelerator, the edge gets caught and falls. In the continuous jump, the second half of the jump is a three-turn toe loop. He gained level 4 such as a spin, but showed an unsatisfactory expression after acting.

Anna Shelvakova

2A / 3F / FCSp / 3Lz + 3Lo / LSp / StSq / CCoSp

The opening double accelerating without difficulty. When icing with enough time for 3 rotation flips, the continuous jumps were icing with no mistakes from the fast rotation. Obtained level 4 including layback spin after that.

Brady Tennell

3Lz + 3T / 2A / LSp / 3F / StSq / FSSp / CCoSp

The icing was disturbed by the continuous jump at the beginning. After that, I decided to jump and won level 4 including spin.

Arena Zakitowa

3Lz + 3Lo / 2A / FCSp / 3F / LSp / StSq / CCoSp

<SP results>

Rank player score
1 Ariona Kostrnaya 85.45
2 Anna Shelvakova 78.27
3 Brady Tennell 72.20
4 Alexandra Tulsois 71.45
5 Kihira Rika 70.71
6 .

<Participating players and order of performance>

Ariona Kostrnaya [16 = Russia]

Alexandra Trouçois [15 = Russia]

Anna Shervakova [15 = Russia]

Kihira Rika [17 = Kansai University KFSC]

Brady Tennell [21 = 7 US]

Arena Zakitowa [17 = Russia]

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