Riko Higashi apologizes every day "regret not to stop the master, remorse"

Professional golfer and talented actor Riko Higashio [44], the wife of actor Junichi Ishida [66] who announced the new coronavirus infection, updated the official blog on the 16th and uploaded a photo of Ishida lying on the bed with an oxygen inhaler.

Regarding Ishida's visit to Okinawa for work this month, Riko said, “ I persuaded my husband to fly outside the city even though it was a job, and deeply regretted that I could not stop it and regretted it. We are very sorry for the people in Okinawa and the transportation that we used to travel. We sincerely apologize for this. "

Regarding the birthday party of the second daughter with Riko's parents, which was open to the public on SNS on the 7th, she said, "I was relaxed because I was a family, and I was very conscious of it. Since I was contacted later, my parents are not close contacts, but it is possible that I was already a carrier at that time, even though I am not sure when my husband was infected, I deeply regret the fact that I am involved, "he continued.

Ishida's photo has the caption "Photographed on April 15th."

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