Rina Asakawa plays a “serious” high school girl in the January drama “JK living on raw feet is great”

Rina Asakawa will appear in a drama "School Girl High School" [TV Asahi] that starts at 11:15 on January 24 [Fri].

Rina Asakawa has won the 1st place in drama and movie appearance rankings in 2019 [Nikkei Entertainment]. Although she had a strong impression of gravure, she also steadily improved her ability as an actress and regularly appeared in three dramas that started in the January term.

What Asakawa plays in "Waste of a High School Girl" is a play that has a very serious personality and can truly receive anything. His nickname is "Majime," a high school girl who always has headphones on his neck because he has the luck of getting sick when he is in a hurry. When he decided to perform, Asakawa said, "It's an interesting work that is faithful to the original and has originality, so please look forward to it. Please expect" Majime "to fly while flying like" Majime " Please give me! ".

It is a new Asakawa that remembers the good performance in the movie "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-The genius's romance game" released last September, but is regular in the drama "SEDAI WARS" [MBS / TBS] currently being broadcast. In addition to appearing in the drama "100 Character Ideas Drama! ][TV TOKYO] also plays the lead of the first and second episodes.

梨 Rina Asakawa Comment
The place that is set in this “High School Girl's Waste” is very similar to my hometown. I remembered the places and sceneries I often went to when I was young, and at the same time, I was very happy to feel nostalgic. At the girls' school where girls with a lot of characters attend, it was very interesting to feel that their personalities collided, and I enjoyed reading manga and anime. I had never experienced a student life and I admired girls' schools. I imagined variously, "I wonder if it was like this if I went to a girls' school." And every day I feel that JK, who lives on a live foot in any cold, is great [laughs].

At first glance, I play "Majime", which looks like a normal girl, and is actually a top-notch child [laughs]. It seems to be the exact opposite of me, and I think there are some similarities. It will be a completely different role from the image up to now, but if you can play while enjoying the "unconscious person" called "Majime" … I also want to recreate a slightly unusual expression of affection for Saginomiya-san [= “Robo”].

It is an interesting work that is faithful to the original and has originality, so please look forward to it. While "Majime" is also like "Majime", the places where you can fly will fly, so please expect it!

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