Risemasa Takeuchi performs the task of organizing "Theseus' ship"

The last episode of the TBS series drama "Theseus no Ship" [9pm Sunday], starring actor Ryoma Takeuchi [26], will be broadcast on the 22nd.

The drama is a live-action drama of the same name manga by Toshiya Higashimoto, serialized in the weekly manga magazine "Morning" [Kodansha]. Takeuchi's main character, Shin Tamura, is a full-fledged mystery chasing the mystery of the serial murder case caused by the policeman's father [Ryohei Suzuki], time-slipping just before the incident, and challenging a taboo that changes the past.

The audience rating rises from 11.1% in the first episode. From the second episode onwards, it is rising to 11.2%, 11.0%, 11.0%, 11.8%, 13.2%, 14.0%, 15.3%, 14.9% In the context of complicated human relationships with many hidden lines, discussions and discussions on the backdrop of the case are being actively conducted on the Internet.

As we explored the reasons for the hit, it became clear that there was a mechanism called a broadcast frame other than the charm of the story and the drama itself. What's more, the trick seems to be going to be very effective even after April.

The station's Sunday 9:00 pm drama slot is called the "Sunday Theater". Looking at the lineup for the last two years, "Rikuo", "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-SEASON2", "Black Pean", "In a corner of this world", "Shimochi Rocket", "THE GOOD WIFE" There are so-called royal road dramas such as corporate drama such as "Group Revolution !!", "No Side Game" and "Grand Maison Tokyo".

This time, the mystery works like "Theseus' Ship" have been broadcast more often on the station's Friday drama frame [Friday 10:00 pm]. In the same frame, the original work of the writer called "Queen of Iyamis", Kanae Minato, and the popular "Anna Natural" are broadcast. According to TBS officials, this time, we dared to bring a mystery work like a Friday drama to the frame of a Sunday theater.

For the sequel to the blockbuster drama "Naoki Hanzawa", which will be broadcast from April, it seems to be a knitting strategy that includes eliminating the ruins of the broadcast frame called Sunday Theater. And the important mission was that he was hit by Takeuchi, who can be said to be the child of the Sunday Theater, such as appearing in the “ Shitamachi Rocket '' series, “ Rikuo '' “ Black Pean '', and that Takeuchi performed it almost perfectly. Thing.

I don't know what the ending of "Theseus' Ship" will be, but it seems to be a very big work in terms of formation strategy.

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